Monday, April 19, 2010

As time goes by

Here is a time lapse video I took of Cooper, the dogs and I playing outside. Cooper got some new golf clubs, so he was quite enamored with hitting the balls all over the yard.

The camera was setup in Cooper's room and took a picture every 2 seconds. I took the 2,000 pictures, imported them into iMovie and then set each one to show for .1 second. This is the result:

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cooper and Cookie Monster

Cooper loves Cookie Monster. He wants to watch YouTube clips of him all the time and loves books with him in it. Both Jill and I looked all over for a Cookie Monster stuffed animal and couldn't find one. Sarah found one and got it for him, and he has loved it.

Jill found a 2 foot tall stuffed animal on Amazon that we decided he needed to have. It showed up yesterday, and I got the camera out to record him greeting his new buddy. At first he is more interested in the balloon, but then he offers Cookie Monster a drink and its the start of a beautiful friendship.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cooper, Cookie Monster and a horse walk into a bar...

Here is another video of Cooper I patched together over the last couple days. Shows off some of his favorite words like "Cookie" for Cookie Monster, "Horse", "alright" and my personal favorite "Oh Wow!".

At the end of the clip it shows Cooper watching me edit video on the iMac. The voice you hear of Jill (and sometimes Cooper) was actually footage being played but Cooper started answering Jill's questions she was asking in the video while he was watching it so I started recording. Funny kid.

Friday, April 16, 2010

What was that? 3 months time evidently...

This year is zooming by right now...Busy, busy time on the project, physical therapy as much as I can get it when I'm in Colorado and squeezing some family time in there too...

Just a quick update tonight, throwing up a video clip from a month or so ago and a couple of pictures from the previous weeks. Spring is arriving and we are out enjoying the weather when we can.

Here is a quick video clip of my exceptional parenting skills. Trying to get Cooper to hit the ball off the tee on video so I can show the world his long ball power. Well when he decided to use the Swiffer instead I thought I'd show him how much fun hitting the ball could be...

Here is a picture of a tired Cooper accepting a ride for the final .5 mile to the car on a hike we did up at Heil Ranch. He walked for most of the trail, picking up assorted things (mostly pine cones) along the way. Then he hit the wall and decided it was time for a valet ride to the car.

From Cooper and Jill

Here are a couple from Jill this week after she bought Cooper some sidewalk chalk. He had played with some at a playground in Sarah's neighborhood before and really liked it, so Jill bought him some for the house. There appears to be almost as much on him as the concrete, but who's counting?

From Cooper and Jill

From Cooper and Jill

From Cooper and Jill

From Cooper and Jill

From Cooper and Jill

From Cooper and Jill

Tons of video has been taken in the last month or so, now I just need a little free time to get through it all. Believe it or not, it isn't incredibly easy to edit video with one good arm while battling an overly strong 20 month old for control of the mouse.