Tuesday, August 25, 2015

School's back!!!

      I remember thinking last spring, wow the summer is going to last forever with both kids home all day. About mid July, I was shocked how fast it was going. Now, summer is over. Kids are headed out the door, and sleeping in, is no longer an option.
    Cooper(7) started back on Thursday August 20. He has Mrs. Vallee as his teacher, and several friends from last year in his class. He was sad that Austin and Ethan are in different classes, but once we figured out we could still see them at lunch and recess, we were okay with everything.  Here are a few pics from our first day.

The big day
 With Mom
 With Sis and Dad
 With Sis and Mom (Sis was not real excited about taking pic with Mom when Dad was around : ) )
 So Cooper took another one with me 

        Cooper had a great day, and seems to really like school. Which is not surprising to me, since he is such a studious kid.

      Lauren (4) started Monday, and also was really ready to go. She is going to Primrose, the same Pre- school Cooper attended. I am a little concerned about her and the required quite time every afternoon. Her teacher Ms Nicole did note she struggled to stay still and quite on Monday. But we will keep working on it, and I will say that is also the one thing Cooper really did not like about Primrose.... so we will chalk this up as a lesson in doing things you do not want to do. 
Ren ready to go
 Big Smile
 Big Brother being silly
 Lauren starting school
 Mom, Cooper and Lauren
 Cooper, Dad and Lauren

      Lauren told me she wrote her name all by herself, and really enjoyed when the teacher read books.
     I hope this year is a good one, and I know mine will be so nice, since I have three whole days to myself :)!!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

How did 7 years go by so fast

Cooper is 7. I am still trying to grasp that, and I know we will have to learn to live with the fact my little boy is gone. We are trying to enjoy the trip, but sometimes it is hard to remember to cherish the small stuff.  It just goes by so quick.

Cooper showing off his toothless grin (We have lost 3 teeth)

To start off his big boy birthday we went to downtown Denver to the new Splash pad they have built. It was really nice and huge.  The kids had a great time. 

Lauren Dodging the spray
 She is slowing down a little
 Cooper was much more difficult to get on film- he was just too fast
 A very happy birthday boy
 Both kids :)
After having our fill of splash pad, we headed to a restaurant on the 16th Street Mall to eat with Martha, Jack, Sarah and the  girls. We rode the bus, which may have been Lauren favorite part of the day. After lunch we headed home for a little quite time and then met everyone for dinner at Cooper's choice (Pei Wei) and then home for cake and the best part for Cooper - presents ;)
Cooper with his Cake
 Opening presents
 An Awesome Bug Book from Uncle J and Auntie K
 Keeping the streamer tradition for Birthdays
 He wanting some hanging from the ceiling -since he sleeps on the top bunk most night
We had a wonderful birthday weekend and were glad that Frumpy and Yak were able to come and celebrate with us. I know I will blink and we will be sending him to college, so I have got to slow down and enjoy these days. We start 1st grade in  a few weeks, and I know once school starts time will really fly by. I hope that I do a better job with blogs this fall, but I would not count on it.