Monday, September 02, 2013

WOW - The Museum

Even though summer is winding down, the days have been hot. So when we planned on meeting Jaxon and Trenton for a play date we decided to do something inside. We headed over the Lafayette to the WOW - Children's Museum.
Trenton and Lauren driving around

The museum is not very big, compared to some of the other ones we have visited, but it was definitely entertaining.  Cooper was running around checking it all out, as soon as we cleared the doors.
First of many HUGE bubbles

Arm workout

Lauren enjoying the slide

It was great to catch up with Shannon, and all the little ones really enjoyed it. So much so that we had to have a lesson on appropriate behavior from Cooper when we were leaving :). But as you can see it was a really cool place to play. Cooper's favorite was a play bank set up, complete with a tube system.
Going up

Right before this pic - Coop told me he never wanted to leave....

Lauren watching the Choo -Choo train

After enjoying the morning with Shannon and the boys, we headed to lunch and then one last trip to the Lego exhibit in Longmont. I believe we have been there about 6 times since the exhibit came. I did not get any pics in the Lego exhibit, but we did find these really cool hats in the permanent exhibit.

Cooper likes the Buffalo
I think this is a deer... but really cute no matter what :)

Had a great day with friends and a few museums.