Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Lauren Turns 6

It seems like every day my little ones are getting bigger. My beautiful daughter, Lauren turned 6  this weekend, and we make sure to celebrate it. We started with streamers on the door, a tradition I started many years ago

Lauren in her doorway after running thru the streamers

After we had some donuts for breakfast we opened some gifts..... disclaim we got dressed, but did not comb the hair, but she has a beautiful smile!
Getting ready to open
Excited to have some new books from Uncle J and Auntie K

New Rainbow Princess Nightgown and Necklace :)
We went out to grab some lunch and then headed over to a local gym to have out party. Lauren had invited the girls from her class, Reese and Skylar, and Cooper had one buddy come along. We had a great time getting to run around the gym. They had bouncy castles, a parachute, but I think the most fun was the pit and the rope swing. Fun was had by all.
Cooper Completing a flip into the pit
Reese on the swing
Lauren Playing with friends on the parachute
Skylar on the bouncy castle
The whole gang - Being silly

I hope Lauren had a great birthday, and from the smiles, I think she did. We are so happy for every day we have and are grateful to get to celebrate it!  Another year gone.... it is going by too fast.