Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cake or Death? You said death first.....

I attended my 3rd Cake concert last night at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver. Overall a great show, although I wished the set would have been a bit longer. They played some of my favorites such as “Frank Sinatra”, “Italian Leather Sofa”, and “Sheep Go to Heaven”. Plus they played all the bigger radio hits like “The Distance”, “Never There”, “Short Skirt, Long Jacket”, etc. The Fillmore was a cool place to see a show, nice open venue that was mainly smoke free.


Cake has certainly polished there stage show since the first time I saw them way back in 97 in that tiny now defunct venue in Tulsa, OK. As always at Cake concerts, the crowd was very diverse and eclectic but everyone seemed to mesh just fine. Good to get out and see a good show in a new to me venue, makes me anxious to see some more good shows.


Next show for me will be Coldplay at the Pepsi Center with Fiona Apple opening up.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Back on the wagon

Did my first night ride in a long time last night. Caught the Redstone Cyclery ride just north of Boulder last night on the Boulder Res. trails. Even though the ride was pretty flat, I still struggled off the back of the pack at times. Coming off of summer without having a solid base has just been killing me on the rides, as all the other guys rode all summer and surely get more rides in even in the winter.

Felt good to be back out at night though, night riding really makes a trail feel different. The Boulder Res trails would be pretty uneventful during the day, but ripping through them at 10mph average under a helmet light gives them some good excitement. We were worried about mud, but ended up riding dusty trails with no mud at all.

The only bad part was that my back-up light I bought was DOA at the trail. Something in the switch went bad so now I've got to see about getting it replaced, which should be too hard considering it has only been used once.

The totals:
12 miles
9.9 mph average
22.8 top speed
1 tired rider

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Morning Hike with the Pooches

Well there wasn't enough snow to warrant snow-shoeing, but we did get in a nice hike with the pooches this morning. A bit brisk in the shadows, but felt great when you were in the sunlight. Did a 3 mile out and back then headed home to watch the Broncos game.

Some pics from the hike:

1. Baloo racing around

2. Molly coming back to check on us

3. Molly trying to catch back up to Baloo

4. A quick drink

Friday, January 20, 2006

Snow Report Agony

I get the email snow report from Winter Park and Copper Mountain every morning. I think I may end up having to unsubscribe as I spent all day long thinking of the 11.5 inches of new powder at Winter Park and me sitting here on the Front Range. I've decided that I really could get used to being a ski bum, if only I was independently wealthy.....I'll work on that.

Weekend looks chilly and trails are covered in snow (it had to happen some day). Maybe this weekend we can actually get our first snow shoeing expedition to happen as we ended up calling off last week's outing due to blowing snow and very cold temps in the higher elevations. Sunday looks to be a Broncos/Steelers day, probably will watch that closely since that is all that the Denver media has been talking about for the last week.

But until all that comes to fruition its happy hour with three babes in Boulder, then me driving them home.

Friday, January 13, 2006

This is winter?

We've had a very strange winter here thus far....We've had more 60 degree days than inches of snow. Today and tomorrow are going to be lower 60s and sunny, which means its time to hit the bike trails. The best part is the mountains are continuing to receive record snowfalls, so while we enjoy the sunny days on the front range, the slopes continue to accumulate snow.

Weekend agenda:
Saturday - bike
Sunday - break out the snowshoes for their maiden voyage at Rocky Mtn Natl Park

Then back to the grind on Monday....

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sodoku Puzzles

I am becoming obsessed with the Sodoku Puzzles that run in the USA Today. They have the last 30 days worth available to play online (which is a better way to do it IMO anyway) that you can check out. Its like a problem solving, crossword type of game that uses the numbers 1-9, just check it out you'll see what they are....

Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Bike

Just got my brand new Yeti 575 built up. Took it for the first ride on Saturday, but the ride was cut short due to incredibly windy conditions and incredibly bad conditioning on my part. Hoping to start hitting the trails much more frequently now.

You can see the MotionBased GPS track at this link.....