Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lego's and Races

The local Longmont Museum has a current Lego Exhibit that will go on into the fall. Cooper has never been really unto legos, but he does like to go and do, so I decided since we had to run up to Longmont for Lauren Speech therapy, that we would go to the museum.  Well I must say the creations were extremely impressive. From full size bikes, to waterfalls, and cityscapes.
Cooper and I both liked the dinosaur scene

The bike - it was life size
Cooper looking at the world
After seeing all the exciting creations that people are able to create, we walked into a big room with about 30 bins of Lego's, large tables with Lego plates. Places to build bridges, towns, even doll houses where you can build furniture. But both kids were very interested in the car racing ramp.
I think Cooper must have placed a car at the starting point about 80 times in the time we were at the museum. We were racing cars we made, premade Lego cars, and even loose tires. But it was so much fun!
Lauren was branching out with her car, trying out the bridges .
It was so much fun, that we have gone back once with me and once with Joel. I am guessing we will try to go at least one more time before the exhibit moves on. I would highly recommend it for anyone with little ones.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Enjoying the Summer

Who's up for a little fun in the sun..........

The summer seems to be flying by, and we are trying to get out and enjoy it. We hit the big sand box that is now very close to home. Lauren will dig, and dig for hours. This week they had a new sand machine (what Coop called it) and we really had a great time. It is really nice to have all these amenities so close to home.
We have been able to have dinner with some of the family

Joel with Skylar and Lauren

Yak with all the grandkids
Skylar (9 months), Lauren (2 yrs), Reese (3 yrs), Cooper (4 yrs)

A new hiking trail, where we stopped to have lunch. We could not get Cooper to stop drinking his juice to get a good photo.
I was able to get one of them to smile
Checking out the stream
Again trying the impossible - nice photos with toddlers

We were able to hike a few miles and enjoy the beautiful weather. We have really made a concerted effort to get outdoors every weekend.
With the summer almost halfway over, we going to enjoy it as much as possible.  We have some good  news with our house in Longmont getting two offers in the first weekend on the market. So within a few weeks we should be back to a one mortgage household, making it easier to have more summer fun.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy 4th of July from 14,000 feet

It is really, really sad to say that we have not hiked a fourteener yet... a mountain that is over 14,000 in elevation. We have talked about it, but it is one of those things you have to prepare for and I am not sure we are ready, since the last few hikes have been around 2 miles. That will not get you to the top of any 14,000 mountain, except Mount Evans. Mount Evans is about 20 miles from Idaho Springs and is the highest paved road in the United Stated. So we can drive to the top.... totally cheating I know, but with to little kids and a few years before we can realistically try for our assent.. we chose to drive to the top.
  It was really beautiful and I was really glad we made the trip. Sadly once we made it to the top parking lot Cooper was not up for the 1/4 mile hike to the very top, but we were above 14k.

But he did have energy to throw snowballs

The fam sans Joel

We were able to see several Mountain Goats
Really, really Beautiful
Great day in Colorado. Happy 4th of July.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Hike and A day at a Farm

A few weeks ago we were looking for something to do and where can you go wrong with a hike. Not being able to go on the long hikes with the little legs we decided to head to a close by Pella Lake for a short walk around the lake
Ready to go

We were able to check out the local wildlife with spotting several fish, a large snapping turtle, and lots of bugs. The lake had a light covering of algae, which was very fascinating to Cooper. I think he just liked say Algae :).

About half way Lauren needed a lift - Mom was apparently happier about it then Lauren was.

 Cooper ready to go, go, go....

After the hike, Joel had heard about an event at the Boulder County Agricultural Center. They were having an exhibit about the local farming, etc.  Always up for a farm trip we headed over.

                                                     Checking out a tractor

Not to be left out

Petting the goat - they were really soft

It was a really nice place. Cooper was able to try out his roping skills, we watched a Border collie round up her herd, and a really cool owl was there. They also had the original farmhouse you could tour from the late 1800, along with a barn that had been converted into a small museum. They taught us about old farming tools, irrigation techniques and had a small play market for the kids to shop.
We had a really good day and are blessed to live in such a great place.
Now we have to move, which Joel and I might not survive......

One more tractor :)