Monday, October 03, 2016

A quick little trip

I received an email middle of last week from Joel, asking if I wanted to head to Summit County for the weekend. Joel's friend, Tim, was not going to use their cabin in Silverthorne this weekend, and offered it up.  I was totally in, knowing that the weather was going to be great and the trees are changing color. Thankfully, they take their dog up to the condo too, so knowing Obi was invited we headed up after the soccer and Flag football games.  Once arriving, we hit the trails. We had a trail right out our door. We did a short 2 1/2 mile hike, and it was gorgeous day. Obi was off leash and did really great. He stays really with us very well and will come back as soon as we called his name. He was one happy pup!

Lauren was not sure she was enjoying the hike right now, but Cooper was Great!

Again a Glorious Day!

One of my favorite pics- We are truly blessed to live in such a great place

            The next morning we were going to get in about about 3 mile hike, but we hit the trail head and found out that the trail was closed for maintenance. So to get things moving we hit a trailhead a few miles from where we were going. Sadly it was not as great as the one we wanted, but it did not slow down Obi or the kids. We hiked up a little over a mile on a old fire road. Again it was great to get out, and a little cold when we started (about 40 degrees), but it warmed up quickly.

Mom, Cooper (8), and Obi (5mth), headed up the mountain. We are over 10k in elevation
Our crazy bunch with an amazing view!! (Quick note- the peak in the background is Quandry, the 14teener that Joel and I hiked a few years ago)

After the hike we walked around Breckenridge for a few mins. We not able to stay too long,  for the fact even though we hiked over 2 1/2 miles, Obi was still really to say hi to everyone we passed. He did get a workout trying to drag Joel up and down the strip.  After we dropped Obi off at the condo, we went to lunch at The Lost Cajun, and it was great. 

Lauren the Alligator
After lunch, the kids and I went to a few stores while Joel went biking. He sadly was not able to get in a big ride, but still have fun tooling around the hills nears Silverthorne, and mom only bought stuff for the kids. :)The kids and Dad hit the pool for a while, then we grab some great grub before headed back down the hill.  We had a great weekend, and are so grateful for Tim and Sarah for sharing their place.