Thursday, January 30, 2014

Time to ride them Ponies

It is National Western Stock show time!!! And we are ready to pet the animals!!

Lauren was ready to ride the ponies. At first she was not sure, but she finally got into the spirit of things and seem to enjoy herself. Cooper, for some reason, decided he did not want to ride the ponies this year. My guess would be the long line that you needed to be in to get your turn. So he headed to the next event which was a playground. Not to original but always a favorite with the kiddos.

                                                    Here is he on a tire swing

Short Video of Lauren and Reese riding the horses :)

After the pony rides and Swing sets, we headed over to the petting zoo. Lauren again really enjoyed this, but not as much as last year, when she tried to hug everybody, even other visitors. This year, she just hugged the sheep, and Dad, of course.

Cooper feeding a really cute goat

Lauren really wanted the goats to eat hay..... they did not think it a good idea

Maybe this one would like my wonderful hay

When did my Cooper get so big!!!

Brother and Sister, getting along

Coop with Reese, happy to be at the National Western Stock show

The stock show has become a tradition with the kids, and I know Joel and Sarah have a longer history then that. I am glad we have the opportunities to share this with the kids, and know this will be something we continue to do as the kids grow older. Cooper was already showing interest in the rodeo, so we will have to be sure to get tickets next year, and maybe see if we can talk him into doing some mutton busting.......

Monday, January 20, 2014

I reject your reality and substitute my own

Mythbusters is a very interesting and informative show. Joel and I have always enjoyed it, and now Cooper is starting to watch it. So when we saw that an exhibit was coming to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science we knew we had to go.  Of course, we finally made it on the last weekend it was in town, but at least we made it, and it was worth it.

                                      Mechanical Shark from the show - For Shark Week

They had several different hands on exhibits that the kids (big and small) could try. From experimenting with toast landing on the butter side up or down, to (Cooper and Lauren's favorite) running or walking through the rain. We were able to try and flick a playing card into a cork board, or pull the table cloth out from underneath a full place setting, which I must say I was able to do without upsetting the plates.
We had a great time and would highly recommend the exhibit if it heads to a place near you.

                      Cooper was going to run and Joel and Lauren were on the walk side

        They put something in the water to make it show under black light - Joel looked a little creepy :)

                                                 Lauren was not as wet as Daddy

                                          Of course, super fast Super Cooper had only a few drops

Looking in the mirror to see how many wet droplets they have
After walking/running through the rain several times and trying lots of other cool stuff we headed home. You gotta love museums. 

PS - The quote from the title of the post is from the main host of the show Adam Savage. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day Two San Diego

Well as I noted in the last post, Cooper was having some trouble.  It had started Sunday night, with his complaining his ear hurt. He was having a hard time going to sleep, and was whining, but shocking when we gave him the iPad to calm him down, it was now fine. So we just thought he was tired. We gave him some pain meds at the zoo and he made it fine thought out the day. Well Monday night, he again complained of ear pain, and again seem to calm down once he had a video going. So we were not sure we needed to get him help or not. Well we just sit down at the Shamu show , and he starts again complaining about his ear. So we have to have the discussion on whether he can make it or we needed to go to the Dr right then.  His pain meds had kicked in by then and he decided he could make it. I must say once he decided to stay he was a good kid.

                                     Jill, Joel and Lauren waiting for the show to start

The rest of the gang ready to get the show started

Lauren also decided she needed to loose her mind as well and she cried for about 15/20 mins until she  pasted out and had a power nap. Which also seem to change her attitude. We were able to check out a few show and ride a few rides. By late in the afternoon we knew that Cooper was going to need help. 
We just finished watching the Madagascar show, which everyone enjoyed, and we headed out to find an urgent care for him.

                                          Was a trooper, waiting for the show to start

We had to skip the group dinner and Joel headed out with Cooper to the urgent care, and confirmed that Cooper did indeed have an ear ache. I must say he did sleep much better that night after the antibiotics were given... so much so that Lauren was able to tackle him a few times and he did not move:). Well, I think this trip has changed Joel mind about any more trip for the next few years, so I guess we will just keep it to local jaunts around Colorado. I had a good time and we glad we were able to make it. I may not get a chance to travel again for a while.....traveling with kids is fun... is that the word I am looking for......maybe not.

  We woke up the next morning and everyone was in much better moods. We grabbed some breakfast and headed to a park to play a few minutes before we had to put two toddlers on a airplane for a few hours. Getting home was pretty painless and we got home and everyone except for Cooper came down with Strep throat. So I guess maybe Joel is right and traveling is just not worth it, but I do hope he forgets how frustrated he was and we can travel more soon. I also have a feeling that traveling with teenagers will be just as frustrating as toddlers.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

San Diego, here we come

Traveling with young ones is fun and frustrating at the same time, so we decided to have a Christmas trip to someplace warm. We flew out on Sunday afternoon, making our afternoon timing a little off. By the time we had our rental car, and the hotel, it was too early for dinner but too late for lunch. We decided we all needed food anyway. We were staying in the downtown area which has a nice boardwalk area. We found a restaurant and had a good meal. Afterward we took the kids swimming, which may have been our downfall.

                              View from our rooms - Coronado Bay Bridge

Monday morning we woke up and headed to the zoo. We had been years before, but zoo's are always much more fun with little ones.
                                                          Looking at the flamingos

First thing we did was the bus. They have a cool double decker bus that will drive you around most of the park. You can see many of the animals and get to enjoy the beautiful day.

On the bus

After the bus ride, we started walking around. The area is beautiful, and several of the animals were still out and active. We were not able to see the panda's due to a long line, but the polar bears were cute, They had a small play area near the exhibit that the kids thought was cool.

Cooper and Reese swimming with the seals

Lauren's turn
Finally we were able to get on to the arial tram to see the animals from above. We had a great day.

Lauren and Dad riding on the arial tram

We had a great day, and ended it with nice dinner on Coronado bay. And walking around the Coronado Bay hotel. Kids getting to run around on the sand for a little bit.

Cooper on the beach near Coronado Bay Hotel

Cooper and Reese near the Christmas tree

That night Cooper had a hard time sleeping.... so we were in for a tough day on Tuesday.......

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Christmas Time

Again, I have been really bad about posting the happenings of our here we go again trying to catch up.
 We had a great Christmas time. Our thanksgiving went really fast and the weather took a turn, making getting out and doing anything tough. My folks were able to come out and spend a week with us.  So here are some pics from over the holidays.

Lauren had a fun time with Mom and Grammie shopping, I had taken a pic of her trying on shoes, and then she wanted me to take pics of her in different hats.  ( and note to others Sonic Slushes help make shopping more fun)

Getting a picture of the kids is really hard, but this one turned out all right, and I am glad that Clifford made it in the shot
Lauren was very interested in the sprinkles that Grammie gave us
Picture of Mom and Dad with Grandkids
Of course after all the presents were opened the wrapping paper was what the kids wanted to play with... and make a HUGE mess :)

We had a wonderful holiday, and are so grateful for all our blessing.