Saturday, March 17, 2018

My Baby is 7

  Little Lauren Elizabeth is now 7 years old. She is such a sweet and funny kid, and puts a smile on our faces daily. When we asked her what she wanted to do, the first thing she said was "breakfast in bed". Easy enough. Here are a few pics from the big day. Please note most pics have uncombed hair..... but she does have the best bed head
the Seven year old is ready for waffees and oranges in bed - 

Opening a puzzle from mom and dad

A new jacket from Frumpy, in a great color for Lauren's pretty eyes

Window Cling from Grammie was also a big hit
   After breakfast and presents, Lauren decided she wanted to go to the local rec center pool. So we headed over to Apex Rec Center and spent a few hours swimming...... after Joel had to go buy Cooper a new suit at a nearby Target after Cooper failed to get it into our swim bag, despite being told by both parents to do so. (Mean mom was going to make him just watch). We all had a great day.
  Last thing Lauren asked for was dinner at Benihana. So we all loaded up for a great meal out to celebrate Miss Lauren.  She requested that we dress nice, and even Cooper put on a button up shirt.

 Finally cake......

   We had a great day celebrating beautiful Lauren's birthday. She is a great blessing to our lives, and we always want her to know it. Happy birthday Rennie Roo!!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Quick trip to KC

         The older we are all getting, the faster life is going. Sadly it had been over a year since we had seen the northernmost Lovejoy's.... we had not ever met Ben.  Thankfully Justin had to come down the the lower 48 for some training., so we made a point to head to Kansas City to see them, with Mom and Dad headed in from Arkansas.  It was a really great chance, despite some cold, snowy weather to reconnect.   We were able to head to some museums, aquariums, and just hang out.

   For Christmas, since we knew we were going to be together, we purchased some family photos for Mom and Dad. They ended up great, but I do not have the finally proofs. I was able to grab a few cute pics of the kids while they were dressed up.  Ben did not corporate but the others were all smiles

Elise (4), Lauren (6), Katherine (7), and Cooper (9)

    The next day we went to the World War I History Museum, and the Kansas City Aquarium. The museum was really interesting, and I was glad we got a chance to check it out, especially being a history buff.   
Kate dressed as a solider

Lauren's Turn
Dad, Mom, Lauren, Kate, Elise, Cooper and Uncle Justin in front of a trench
    After the museum, we headed across the street to the aquarium. Since we are so blessed , we have been to a lot of aquariums. I think this one was a really great one. We saw an octopus, sea horses and 
very large sting rays.

Ben checking out the Fish
Very large Sting Ray hanging out - Lauren not sure what to think
Elise and Ben
Kate and Lauren's turn

    We spent Monday bowling and playing laser tag, which I am officially not really great at. It was so great to see all the family, and wish we could see each other more often. I will post the family pics once completed.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

We are SO thankful

      This time of year is always so crazy with school, and sports , and just life, so it was nice to get a break and go and celebrate Thanksgiving in Oklahoma this year. So we loaded up on Tuesday and headed south. The drive was not too bad and the kids were rock stars the whole way, with one a few minutes here or there where intervention was necessary. 

And loading them up with sugar is always a good idea.
Obi was probably the best behaved of the bunch.... my cute boys :)

    Thanksgiving day, we did not have to be to Cousin Kim and Barry's house until about noon, so to help the cause, we loaded up the kids and one dog and headed down the street to hike around the lake near Frumpy and Yak's house. It was a really great hike for the kids having very little elevation, but rocks to scamper on, and just enough technical things to keep it interesting. All the kids did great and we ending up doing a little over 2 miles on our morning Turkey Trot.

All the kids had climbed up on this rock
The Beautiful Lake - Martha and Jack's house is on the other side from where this pic was taken
Hard to see, but Obi is leading the charge up the hill, with Lauren, Cooper, Skylar and Reese following

  After getting back to the house and cleaning up, we headed over to Kim and Barry's house, and fun was had by all. It is really great that so many in the family were able to get together.  We sadly did not get to taking pictures until some of the group had already dispatched, so this is only part of the party.
And this is after about 7 kiddos had left
Our Bunch, missing Obi and Lily

Action shot of the boys playing football - (L to R) Ty, Kaden, Zack and Cooper
No Trip is complete without going to the barn to see goats and kitties
Amy, who was generous enough to take all the pics, snapped a good one of Joel and I

     On Friday, we headed over to the farm to feed some cow, run around on some hay bales, and get to drive the 4 wheeler. It was a really great trip, and a good reminder on how blessed we are. 
Lauren is ready for her turn

Hay bales are fun

Finally - the must have to every trip to OK - Braums Banana Split

Friday, November 10, 2017

Quick Trip to the Mountains

Joel's buddy needed someone to watch their pup over the weekend, in exchange, we were able to use their condo in Summit County. It was a great trade off, and in all honesty we would have watched Pia either way, because she was a really sweet dog, but a free place in Summit is always great.  We waited until after the after the kids games were over to head up, and had a good dinner.
   The next morning we head up for a hike to Lily Pad Lake. As always it is great to get out into the mountains.
My cute, and getting big, kiddos

An old mine
A Girl and Her Dad
We made it too Lily Pad Lake, and we are pretty excited about it

The leaves were turning

  The next day we took Obi with us, and we were trying to get to Boulder Lake, but missed a turn. Again, you cannot have a bad time running around in the mountains, so we all just enjoyed the day. 

We  missed the Lake, but got some really pretty views

Down in the valley

Not a lake, but  it works

   We had a really great weekend, and are thankful that we had a chance to explore. 

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Fall Sports

Well it is that time again, or just past that time, because I am pretty bad about posting these days. Fall sports started up again, Lauren playing soccer and Cooper Flag Football.  Both kids enjoyed their seasons, and both are getting better.

Cooper Running in for Touchdown

A Throw?
He really loves Football

Lauren chasing the ball- with her headband meant to keep her hair out of her eyes around her neck :)

   Cooper has some really great players on his team and they continue to get better every season. We are really grateful that he has some really amazing coaches, that we teaching him great skills. Lauren was also on a great team this year with several classmates and she works really hard at improving. She scored several goals this season. We had a great time, but will enjoy our time off before spring season.