Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Time

Easter is a great time. We are celebrating Christ resurrection, it is spring, egg hunts, and of course pretty dresses.

Not sure you can gather eggs that way.

Superior had a community egg hunt and Joel and the kids headed over to see what they could find. They started the kids off in waves, by age, and sadly we just missed Lauren's, but Cooper was able to get enough to share. It was a nice event and great thing for the community to do for the kids.

Sarah and her girls were able to meet us for church, and I suggested to Joel and between church and lunch we try to get some pics. He was super excited to take pictures of four kids ages 5 and under. It was not a calming experience :).  We were able to get a few, but mostly we had chaos.  Which truth be told, is a better representation of our lives right now.... cute little kiddos with calm smiles is not how we roll. So here we go......

Okay, we got a good one of just one of them....we can do this
 Uh Oh.. we are losing it... but a least they are smiling
 My two Angels.......????
 They are both in the middle of the frame....Moms keys are always a good accessory
 Pretty one with Sarah and Skylar
 And now we have lost it completely
 Cooper you look VERY guilty of something
 Skylar.... are you enjoying yourself... me neither :)
We got one!!!!! Yeah, all smiles
 And Thank you Sarah, for taking one of our bunch looking somewhat composed
In the end we are always glad to have the pics in the end, but boy the processes is painful. Ah, memories of raising little ones.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hurray Spring!!!

What do you do on a spring Friday night, when it has just stopped raining, and you have thirty minutes to bedtime....... splash in puddles!!!!

Or run!!!

Stomp, Stomp, Stomp!
 We love it.

 Hey Dad... watch this :)

A great time was had by all..... it was just great to be out on a beautiful night. I can say that they were soaked thru and rode home in there underwear. I would highly recommend this activity the next time you are looking for something to do.

Also I must mention that Cooper scored his first soccer goal this weekend. He has gotten progressively better every week , and we are proud of his hard work!

Getting the ball turned around.... 

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Joel  nor I ever played soccer growing up. I had some friends that played, and we have watched a few world soccer matches (because their are NO sporting event that Joel will not watch).  But this did not translate in to us having any idea on how to play the game. We have had Cooper playing soccer at school for the last few months, so the next step was to sign him up for the local YMCA league. They had one practice (due to weather) and then a game last Saturday.  Because we are dealing with 5 year olds they keep it pretty simple.  The whistle went off and they all stood there. It was really cute and I am glad that Cooper and Lauren will have all these opportunities in life. Our team did not win, but did get a few good moves in. Mostly they were just happy to be kicking the ball, regardless of which end was there goal..... because they went the wrong way most of the game.

Getting ready to start.......
We are running
Cooper played goalie for a few minutes and did a great job

We did take some video, but I am sure we will get more and I will try to get some up online.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Do you wanna build a snowman

Spring is amazing in Colorado. You will have a 6 inch snow followed by beautiful, sunny, 60 degree days. We are so glad to have one of these last week and we had to go out an build a snowman. Not the biggest one, but really cute.

Lauren ready to get to work

Cooper (aka the Ninja) ready to build as well
Not bad

of Course we can not stand still to get one together

Take two

Add a few rock buttons

It was a nice day and he only lasted a few hours, but we had a great time.... and now we know what happened to snowmen in summer :)

Friday, April 04, 2014

Putt Putt..... or something close to it

I am guessing that my kiddos are going to keep us very busy with sports. Cooper has never meet a sport that he does not enjoy, and Lauren wants to go and do. So we headed out to Boulder Gateway park for some great putt putt on a spring day.

It had been a few months and Cooper's game was a bit rusty..... but he has always treated putt putt more like hockey... the ball never stops moving. We can do 18 holes in about 20 mins.  Joel, Cooper and Lauren were playing, well Lauren had a club and ball. Her main goal was to drop the ball in the hole, and climb around on stuff.
Up we go....
Here was an attempt to get the ball moving...
 Did it work???
 In you go.....
All in all we had a good day hanging out
Even though Lauren did not always agree with Cooper on ball placement
 Yeah!!!! Putt Putt!!!
I know I say this constantly, but I bears repeating, We are so blessed !!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

We Love Birthdays!!!!

First of all, we have not had a post about the littlest one bday!! I think I may be trying to block it out, because I can not believe that Lauren is 3....... wow it happened so quickly!

She is doing well, coming in at 38 inches (70%) and 30 lbs (40%). She is still struggling with her speech, but has made some strides in the last few months. I pray that she will continue to progress and this will not be a life long challenge for her. I do know that whatever this girl faces, she will face it head on. She is one tough chick and very, very, very independent. She does not want anyone  to help her. She started going to Sunflower farms in the beginning of March and really seems to love it.

Now for the spring time birthday's. We have several friends that have little one birthday's in the spring. So it keeps us busy going out for pizza and birthday cake. (Which is really never a bad thing).

Here is Princess Lauren and her Friend Anna's birthday... I think Lauren may need a few more bracelets

Next was our friends Shannon and Jamie's little one Trenton's 3rd. Monkey business is always tons of fun.

Cousin Reese ready to swing into action
Super Hero Lauren

 Here I come to save the Day!!!!! (or maybe maybe make some trouble ....)

We also had Jackson Turner's birthday... but the kiddos were too fast that day and mom did not get any photo's. Hurray for spring and birthday's. Now bring on the summer ;)