Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Happy Halloween!

In the past we have had great weather, and have been able to get some good pics of the kids in there costumes. ( I was just commenting that Joel still has up Cooper 2 yr photo on facebook.) So, becuase we live in Colorado we were due a cold Halloween, and sadly it was not just cold, but really windy. So We were only out Trick or Treating for about 15/20 mins. Joel and Cooper did go back out after Lauren and I decided we could hand out candy in the warm house. Lauren also found it it was just as fun to put candy in her bucket from Mom's candy bowl.
Here are a few pics. again sadly we did not get any great ones...but there are still good to have.


As you can see the wind was blowing us away, but it was still Halloween, so we all had fun.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Still a good time for a Pumpkin Patch

As I said last post, we really like the pumpkin patches. We found Anderson farm last year with the Turners, and were excited to go back this year. They have lots to do, and we again we had a beautiful day to enjoy all the offerings. The big trick is to show up early. So we hit the doors when they opened. Cooper of course had to go on the peddle cars. He must of gone about 50 laps. The most entertaining part, was if he had no one to race he would slow down until someone caught up with him.
                                                                      Go, Go, Go.......

Lauren on the other hand was content to have Dad push her around the course. Which is not easy.

                                               Mom and Lauren racing around...
                                                                 Go faster, Daddy!

After the cars, we headed over the pumpkin chunckin.... which is really cool. They have sling shots where you can launch smaller squash at some targets. Both the kids enjoyed it, but you really had to pay attention or one of the kids would be hitting each other , accidentally of course.

                                                           Cooper is ready to take aim
One, two, three..... go
Waiting for some big pumpkin smashing

After the chunkin, we tried the corn maze. Cooper was more interested in it, then the rest of us, but Lauren was riding in a wagon, and we made it through the first 12 check points. We had a great time, and are thankful to live in such a beautiful place.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Time of year

I have really come to love this time of year, where the air is crisp, but not hot. The leaves are beautiful colors and the snow is a bright white on the mountains. So what is one of the best things to do with the wonderful weather, but pick a pumpkin.
                                                              Lauren trying one out

We have a nice one right down the hill, so Tuesday afternoon, we headed over to the Rock Creek Pumpkin patch. You can pick your pumpkin and then enjoy bouncy castles, see some critters and climb on some hay bales. Here are the photos.

Both Coop and Lauren love the slides, they must have gone up and down about 50 times

Photo Opp :)

Not sure what we are doing here

Now it is Lauren's turn to hang out of the window

Time to Drive the tractor

Big boy enjoying the beautiful day

I am sure we will try to hit at least one more Pumpkin patch before winter, and  I am sure I will take more pic to remember it.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oklahoma....where the wind comes sweeping

We have not all been back to Oklahoma for a football game in several years, so we decided to make a really quick trip back to Oklahoma. We all loaded up, and by all I mean Joel, Sarah, Cooper, Reese, Lauren, Skylar and myself. (Heaven help Southwest airlines). One short trip and a Rum and coke later we landed in OKC. We headed for a nice dinner at Charleston's and tried to get some sleep. Lauren had been having so much fun that she was not ready to bed. So General Jill had to step in and make sure we all got some needed sleep eye.  The next morning we headed over to Stillwater, after a quick stop at Hideaway Pizza. We watched a game that made us feel like the old days when we were in school. Not pretty, but we won. The kids had a good time I think, Cooper was able to play some ball under the stands and Lauren watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates on a Iphone, making sure to clap when needed for the Cowboys. It was good to see Stillwater again and think back at my time there... so, so long ago.
 On Sunday we were able to head out to the ranch and see all the cute babies. The kids really enjoyed this, which included feeding babies, and finding Tuxedo ( a very large baby) to feed. We also were able to provide our first driving lessons.

Cooper was quickly looking for other ways to make a mess

Lauren still loving the cows

And Daddy


Cows are cool
First Time driver

Taking her job seriously

Big Brother's turn

Just where she wants to be-- with Daddy
Just a few more mouths to feed

Now Cooper gets some chow

We had a great time, and are very thankful for Jack and Martha putting up with the craziness. We were able to celebrate Miss Skylar's first birthday before headed back home to the beautiful state of CO. Love the football and cows, but I think all of our heads were happy to hit the pillow on Sunday night.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

New Town, New Play time

Since moving to Superior, we are trying to meet people and get to know our new surroundings. We received a flyer on the door for a small community carnival. So we hopped on our bikes and rode down the hill. First stop was Cooper's new school, where we were able to do some bouncing...

After we were bounced out we tried the slide.

The next business, had a petting zoo, which we all know how much Rennie loves her petting zoos. There was a donkey that was getting the hugs.
Next were more bouncy castles, the ones with the big slides. Lauren tried to hang with Cooper, but we did end up having to find a smaller one for her. But there was much fun to be had.
Cooper heading up again.

Monday, September 02, 2013

WOW - The Museum

Even though summer is winding down, the days have been hot. So when we planned on meeting Jaxon and Trenton for a play date we decided to do something inside. We headed over the Lafayette to the WOW - Children's Museum.
Trenton and Lauren driving around

The museum is not very big, compared to some of the other ones we have visited, but it was definitely entertaining.  Cooper was running around checking it all out, as soon as we cleared the doors.
First of many HUGE bubbles

Arm workout

Lauren enjoying the slide

It was great to catch up with Shannon, and all the little ones really enjoyed it. So much so that we had to have a lesson on appropriate behavior from Cooper when we were leaving :). But as you can see it was a really cool place to play. Cooper's favorite was a play bank set up, complete with a tube system.
Going up

Right before this pic - Coop told me he never wanted to leave....

Lauren watching the Choo -Choo train

After enjoying the morning with Shannon and the boys, we headed to lunch and then one last trip to the Lego exhibit in Longmont. I believe we have been there about 6 times since the exhibit came. I did not get any pics in the Lego exhibit, but we did find these really cool hats in the permanent exhibit.

Cooper likes the Buffalo
I think this is a deer... but really cute no matter what :)

Had a great day with friends and a few museums.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Catching up in the busy month of Aug

Again, I had dropped the ball on posts for the month of Aug. So I will just get a quick post of some of the notable.... or infamous times.

Cooper Five year check up
Again I know that I was shocked when I posted his birthday pics, but still in shock my first born is already five. All went well, and he is a happy and healthy boy. We are 44 inches tall and 42 lbs. He did not pass his eye test, so he may be headed to glasses soon. We had an appointment with an eye doctor in mid Sept to confirm.
  Cooper and Dad 

Grandpa and Grammie Visit
 Mom and Dad as always have a busy summer, but thankfully we made it into the que. They were able to make it in between a new grand baby and a surgery for Grandma Vi. We had a fast but fun trip with more shopping them Dad could handle. Sadly we do not have a whole lot of photos but here is one before we headed out to church. As usual Lauren will not smile on command, but she will wave.

Lauren's new big girl bed
Lauren started crawling out of her crib in late May, so we had taken off the front of her crib to make it a toddler bed. Once we moved into the new house we bought her a big girl bed.(once we get the rest of the house furnished I will post pics of the new place) Well her new found freedom is more fun then you can imagine. Every night is a new adventure and a new torture for mom. Some nights she will try and crawl into Cooper's bed. Other nights she will just open her door and eject any toy she might not want that night, closing the door quickly behind it. Well one night we found her here.......
I guess this is comfy

Cooper starts school
With Cooper turning five this means we start looking at school. With the August Bday we decided to wait until 6 to start kindergarden, but 5 is a great time for preschool. We had started going to Primrose academy, which is just down the hill from the house. So far Cooper seems to really like it, except for quiet time. He has gotten in trouble several times for not being quiet. Well, he comes by it honestly.... and we will work on it.
What a handsome boy
Proud Momma
New backpack from Auntie Sarah

Well, I will try and get back into the swing of things... so hopefully we will have more posts next month.