Saturday, August 31, 2013

Catching up in the busy month of Aug

Again, I had dropped the ball on posts for the month of Aug. So I will just get a quick post of some of the notable.... or infamous times.

Cooper Five year check up
Again I know that I was shocked when I posted his birthday pics, but still in shock my first born is already five. All went well, and he is a happy and healthy boy. We are 44 inches tall and 42 lbs. He did not pass his eye test, so he may be headed to glasses soon. We had an appointment with an eye doctor in mid Sept to confirm.
  Cooper and Dad 

Grandpa and Grammie Visit
 Mom and Dad as always have a busy summer, but thankfully we made it into the que. They were able to make it in between a new grand baby and a surgery for Grandma Vi. We had a fast but fun trip with more shopping them Dad could handle. Sadly we do not have a whole lot of photos but here is one before we headed out to church. As usual Lauren will not smile on command, but she will wave.

Lauren's new big girl bed
Lauren started crawling out of her crib in late May, so we had taken off the front of her crib to make it a toddler bed. Once we moved into the new house we bought her a big girl bed.(once we get the rest of the house furnished I will post pics of the new place) Well her new found freedom is more fun then you can imagine. Every night is a new adventure and a new torture for mom. Some nights she will try and crawl into Cooper's bed. Other nights she will just open her door and eject any toy she might not want that night, closing the door quickly behind it. Well one night we found her here.......
I guess this is comfy

Cooper starts school
With Cooper turning five this means we start looking at school. With the August Bday we decided to wait until 6 to start kindergarden, but 5 is a great time for preschool. We had started going to Primrose academy, which is just down the hill from the house. So far Cooper seems to really like it, except for quiet time. He has gotten in trouble several times for not being quiet. Well, he comes by it honestly.... and we will work on it.
What a handsome boy
Proud Momma
New backpack from Auntie Sarah

Well, I will try and get back into the swing of things... so hopefully we will have more posts next month.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trip to the zoo with some of our friends from Tulsa Time

Our friends Blake and Charla, whom we have known since graduating college( and no we will not admit to how many years that has been) told us they were headed out to the great state of CO. So we knew we had to make sure and see them and their three beautiful girls. Well when you are meeting up with friends and 5 kids are involved, ages 8 to 2, you know we will need something to keep the kids occupied, so the Cheyenne Mountain zoo became our  destination for the day. Joel, the kids and I headed down south to Colorado Springs to enjoy a great day with our dear friends (because I would never say our old friends :) ).
If you have never been, it is a really great zoo, hanging onto the side of the foothills. So be prepared for stairs and hills. The big attraction are the giraffe's. You are able to feed them, which is amazing, as long as you ignore the times the big guys lick you.

Vivian, Lauren, Penny and Charla feeding
Check out that tongue
Cooper trying to get a closer look
Lauren felt more comfortable putting the lettuce on the rail for the giraffe to eat
It was really cool and the kids thought it was amazing. We then trekked the rest of the zoo and tried to see the animals. I think we were late enough in the day that most had bedded down for there afternoon naps, but it was a nice place to explore.
Cayton all smiles , and Vivian showing us her excited face :)
All the kiddos, except Penny, we are not sure where she ran off too....
After we finished exploring the zoo, we headed to Manitou Springs for some lunch. Joel and I had never been so we were excited to see more of the state. Sadly with the large wildfires last summer and the continuous rain this year, Manitou Springs had been hit hard with mud slides. It was really sad to see such an old and cool town with mud everywhere. Thankfully a few placed were spared and we were able to get a bite. After lunch we went to the Garden of the gods. Cooper had really enjoyed his time with Cayton and was very glad to hike about with her.

Even though I think there are many other places in the state that should be called the Garden of the gods, it is a pretty place, and we had a really great day with our friends. So glad they made the trip and hope to see them again soon.

Monday, August 05, 2013

5 years old... When did that Happen

Cooper Clay White is now 5 years old. How in the heck did that happen.
Remembering the little baby...
Well, we needed to celebrate these milestones, so it started with small present the night before his big day. A pair of pirate pj's and a few new books. I think Lauren was as excited as Cooper.
Birthday Boy
Lauren Supervising
I had started to put streamers on Cooper's door last year, and he requested that we did this again. So this may become a tradition. So after Cooper was asleep, I added streamers to his bed and doorway.

If you look hard you can see his pirate pj's

The doorway - Last year Coop crawled underneath, so I made sure the streamers went to the ground

Sadly (as it will become a theme for this bday) I was in the shower when Cooper woke up and ran thru the streamers. So no video of that, but he told me it was fun :).

 With Reese's birthday a few days after Cooper, we were in for a fun filled birthday weekend extravaganza. So we started the Saturday morning at Monkey Business and worked up a sweat going up and down slides. All had a great time, with both Mom and Dad getting rug burns on the big slide. After pizza and a great Curious George cake, we headed home to gather supplies for our next round. Of course continuing the theme of so close, yet so far... I forgot to grab candles, and the video camera.  Joel ran to the local store to get candles, and the kids and I headed off to the putt -putt.  With the summer we have been having we knew we were on borrowed time to get a round of golf in before the rain. Thankfully the rain held off and all the kids were able to get a round of golf in before heading to the arcade. After a few games, we headed to the party room. I was able to use my small camera to get a few shots of the party. Once inside the rain really started coming down, so thankfully we had a nice room to hang out in.

Kids eating the pizza
Birthday Boy getting so big!
Reesie and Lauren ready to party
Mom's bright idea to add kazoo to the gift bags went over well with the kids - parents were ready to loose them

More kazoos
We tried to record the kids singing Happy Birthday at the party with my small camera, but something happened to our Sim card.... so no party singing. I did record singing to him at his birthday breakfast... so sadly you have to hear just me singing.   Here is a short video for the birthday boy.