Friday, October 31, 2014

BOO at the Zoo with the Turners

We have meet up with our friends, the Turners, from the south a few times for BOO at the Zoo, and this year we were blessed with a beautiful day.  Cooper and Jackson always have the best time together, and I am guessing Calab will be up to making more mischief next year.  If you have never been it is basically Trick or Treating at the zoo. So fun was had by all.

    Batman (AKA Jackson), and our Witch (Lauren) were much better at smiling then the Ninja.. maybe he was trying to be stealthy

 My pretty girl in her big hat that she loved so much
 Hey they are all looking at the camera
 Daddy and Lauren
 Momma and Lauren
Again  the ninja was too stealthy to get pics with.... maybe on Halloween night

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Soccer

This is our second season to play soccer, and I hope he had a good time. I know he was getting better. The hardest thing is keeping 6 year old boys paying attention to the game and not kicking, pushing, or basically acting like 6 year old boys. I know Coach Scott did a great job of getting the little ones to start actually look like a team instead of a swarm of bees around a soccer ball. We were actually passing the ball to teammates be the last game.  Here are a few shots...

                                                Not sure if we are kicking our competitor or the ball
                               Okay, maybe we were still swarming the ball some of the time :)
                                           Cooper does not look real happy to be left out of the action

                                                        Check out our dribbling

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

Lauren's school planned a trip to a small pumpkin patch in Boulder. Since Cooper has the morning off, he was able to join us. We have had a beautiful fall day and it was a fun morning. The man working there was able to give us a little tour and tell us able to animals on the farm and a little more about how pumpkins grow. They also had a really great black lab doggie that I wanted to take home. I was not able to get a bunch of great shots, but since it has been so long since I posted I guess it does not matter :).

Cooper and Lauren sitting on the pumpkins

Lauren ready for adventure

Lauren looking at the chickens
 the class learning more about how pumkins grow
 And of course the hay bay maze ... the only reason to go to a pumpkin patch