Monday, June 10, 2013

Hot, Hot, Hot...

Well our mild spring has turned into a hot, hot, hot summer. This week is looking to be in the 90's all week.... I know all my Okie friends/fam are saying 90's are nothing, but at 5000 feet the sun is HOT. So we rode our bike over to a near by park that has a splash pad.

Mom made me wear these stinking glasses ... still have to chase the ball
So Happy to be here

Sadly Lauren got some sunblock in her eyes which was really bothering her. So she did not have as much fun as she normally does. Still she was able to get out and play some.

Sitting on Mama's Lap... still styling
Ready to get out and play
We are showing our Ninja skills.... and he has them :)
Only time he stopped moving... it was about 10 seconds 
Splashing with big brother

Things are starting to ramp up for the summer. We finally closed on the house last Friday... Yeah!!! But we do not take possession of the house until July 1. So we have a few weeks to get everything ready. We have already painted the fence, and  power washed the siding.  The Realtor is coming over this weekend to give us a little help on what else we need to do, so hopefully our house can go onto the market on July 2 :). Joel is also finishing up his project in Phoenix, so we will have him back next week hopefully for a while. Next milestone is  Lauren is officially in big girl underwear today. No more diapers for Mama :), but I am guessing the next few weeks will have some extra laundry. She did well today, and looking forward to not having to put a timer on my phone to remind me to get her to the potty. So looking forward to a big, busy, enjoyable and probably hot summer.

One more set of photo's I wanted to share. Lauren LOVES her dogs... we may not have a lot of words, but we see a dog anywhere and she will shout DOG continuously until we someone agrees that it is in fact a dog.
So Molly gets a lot of Lauren's love. A couple of days ago I did not see Lauren,  so I start looking for her and I find her ....
Blanket and doggie..... all I need
Molly really thought I should be helping her instead of taking picture .... just need a few pics old girl