Thursday, November 05, 2015

Flag Football

We have played soccer for the last few years, and Cooper (as well and Mom and Dad), was ready for something else. So we decided to try flag football. Cooper really seemed to enjoy it, but being such a complex game, I am not sure he knew what he was doing all the time. But he was always smiling, so it was a success.

Here are a few shots from the season.

Almost sacked the quarterback
 Got Him
 Hand off
 Trying to tackle his friend Ethan
 I think you are suppose to go from the flag, buddy
 Got it
 Another Hand off
The smile
 Lauren was always helpful- with Dad marking the downs
 See also had a grand old time collecting sticks, and play with Ethan's little Brother Cody
 Cooper had a great time, and I think he will want to play again... Now I have to prepare myself for Lauren playing soccer. She has been asking to play for about a year. We were able to put it off, by reminding her Cooper did not start playing until he was 5. I know she will have fun, I just am not sure if she is ready to follow the coach's instructions.... or just run around chasing butterflies :). Not that there is anything wrong with chasing butterflies, just not at the expense of another adults sanity.

Monday, November 02, 2015

Halloween Fun

We love Halloween.... what other day can you dress in amazing costumes and get lots of candy.

        This year, as all years we were all over the board on costumes. Cooper had ideas of were ninja, then maybe a superhero. Finally a few days before Mom's given deadline he went with Snake Eyes, a character from G.I. Joe. Lauren was determined to be Elsa, but we tried very hard to change that since we knew there would be thousands of Elsa's. Thankfully one look at a rainbow tutu and we were sold on the My Little Pony costume.
She was very happy with her choice, as you can see from Joel's facebook post.

Stayed around to take kids to school today. Lauren had this brilliant, confident smile when she got all dressed up in her costume.
When she walked into her classroom, she just paused at the door and stood while everyone checked her out. One little boy, dressed as Thor, said "Lauren you look BEAUTIFUL!"
I threw a sack over that kid's head and roughed him up behind the preschool. He was surprisingly tough for 4 years old.

   We had a jammed packed weekend.  Friday night we meet up with some friends (Tim's Family), and rode around the neighborhood looking at the cool decorations.  Getting up Saturday to get a few new books at the library, and then a sponsored bike ride that ended in ice cream.  After watching a movie we headed out to Trick or Treat.  We all had a great time.

Snake Eyes
 My Little Pony - Rainbow Dash
 Mom with the kids (I believe Joel stated I was the Queen Bee : ) 
 Lauren with Jake from State Farm
 Lauren showing off the back of her costume.
After school earlier this week we were able to get to in a quick trip to the pumpkin patch. Here are a few shoots from there. Luckily we had a beautiful day, and a very little crowd.

 I am not sure Lauren understands the point of the cut outs :)

Friday, October 16, 2015

Quick Trip to Oklahoma

We need to travel more. It is always a struggle to find time, once the kids are in school. Cooper had off one day, so we decided to take a quick trip to OKlahoma. It worked out that Kasey Musgraves was in  Tulsa that weekend, which is someone that both Joel and I have wanted to see. So the plan to head up and see some family in OKC then hit Tulsa Sunday night. 
 First stop is the cows.

Lauren getting a little help from Dad
 Starting to get the hang of it
 Just a few more
 Jack and Martha loaned us their TRex off road vehicle. The kids wanted to take it for a ride. Cooper was able to drive around the field. He had a great time.
Now it was Lauren's turn. 
Now we are getting going. Love that smile.

We were able to spend some time at the Science Museum. It seemed to be under construction, but still had some great exhibits. 

Cooper with one (of five blasters) from a space shuttle
 Astronaut Cooper
 Now Rennie
 Cooper building a track to race balls down
 Lauren with her Lego car
 Lauren on the bed of nails - Cooper still not brave enough to try it
 Mind Games exhibit - Did Mom and Cooper shrink?
 Now Lauren's turn
 Lauren riding a segway. It was really fun, and Cooper tried it a several times
 Cooper and Dad in a Tornado

Here is a pic from the concert.  It was great to get back to Cain's Ballroom. Thankfully they had  some upgrades and the central cooling was a great addition. And Kasey sounded amazing.

 We are thankful to Jack and Martha for watching the kids while we got a night out. They took the kids to a movie and McDonalds. It does not get any better for a 4 and 7 year old.
 Kids ready to head back to Colorado.
We had a great trip and now we need to plan more.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Grandparents make it to town

Mom and Dad survive the long journey back and forth from Alaska. Thankfully they were able to stop by and see us for a few days. Here are a few pics from the time they were here.

Grammie and Cooper ready for church
Family ready for church - Thanks Mom for the family photo
 Grandpa and Cooper having a lego battle
Cooper showing off his school
 Cooper - the next American Ninja warrior
 Grandpa pushing Lauren on the swings
 Dad and Daughter swinging
Joel schooling Cooper with his basketball skills
 Cooper and Grandpa hanging out on our deck enjoying the beautiful evening
We were all glad that Mom and Dad were able to stop, I know it was a long trip for them. I think Dad noted his car went from 13 miles to over 10000 miles. I am guessing they will fly next summer :).

Friday, September 04, 2015

The Carnival comes to Town

Several businesses in Superior bring in stuff for kids and adults alike on a early fall Saturday. We came across it more by accident the first fall we lived here and have attended every year since. This year we rode our bikes down (about a 1 1/2 from the house), and we sure to arrive early since this fall day was more late summer and still pretty hot.
   First stop was the bouncy castles. I am not sure at what point the kids will not love these, but I am guessing it will only be when it stops being "cool" . (Or whatever vernacular the kids will be using by that time ) I personal would still play in them if given the opportunity and the assurance I would not hurt a kids, or more likely hurt myself.  But this is where we spent a good amount of time, just playing. It was great!

 Lauren in the blue t-shirt climbing up, and Cooper is in the green Shirt :)

Next was the petting zoo. This one had really great pets, and we were able to get some carrots to feed to them. I did see one toddler eating the carrots himself, which who can blame him, carrots are great. They had of course goats, but also a donkey, small horse, lamas, and sheep. I think I ever saw a baby cow. Lauren really enjoyed feeding them carrots.  The neatest animal was a large tortoise. He was really cool and moved through the bigger animals with great agility and speed you would not normally think a turtle could. Fun was had by all.

Lauren looking to see who needed to be petted next
 Cooper with the Tortoise
 Now Lauren's turn

We walked down to Chick Fil A and had a great lunch, and played even more. Still not to be done, when we walked back to get our bikes, we discovered that Anna and Elsa were visiting from Arendelle.  So of course we had to talk to them and get our face painted. 

 Happy Girl
Gotta play with some chalk
 Coop too
 Lauren's school had invited a group called Tot's Sports. They lead a small class on working with basketballs. The kids were really cute and enjoyed following the instructions.

We had a nice day and are grateful to live in a community that brings these thing in for kids. I think I will be sad when Cooper tells me he does not want to go anymore. I think that day is going to come sooner then I will be ready for.