Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A big day out

Earlier this year, we were discussing taking a camping trip over Cooper's Spring Break. Hoping the weather would cooperate with us, we wanted to head out to Utah for a few days. Sadly our sweet Molly is not doing very well and we did not want to leave her. We also ended up having a HUGE snowstorm( about 20 inches)  on the day we were wanting to leave, which would of made out trip across the state really hard. So it all ended up okay.  So trying to get some excitement into the break, we headed to the aquarium and Natural History Museum.

Sitting with Sharks outside the Aquarium
 New views for the fishes
 Lauren loved the mermaid show. She sat still for 10 minutes before it started without moving a muscle for fear of missing it.
 Cooper playing around while watching the sharks
 This little girl LOVES her Daddy (which I agree, he is very loveable : )! )
 Petting the sting rays
  After a really good lunch at Joel's new favorite taco stop, Torchy's Tacos. We headed over to the Natural History Museum.  The traveling exhibit is about chocolate, so I was really excited about that one.

How great would it be if these were real
 Lauren is always happy at the Discovery Zone water table
 Coop stuck with the dino dig
Here is a recent photo for Lauren with Molly. She celebrated her 14th birthday last week. She has had a recent growth on her hip that they believe is cancerous (kind of see it in this photo). So we are giving her all the love we can!! Thought I am not sure if she is crazy about all the love that we have to give :). She is a great doggie!
We are now back to school and hope to get a shorter camping trip in a few weeks when Cooper has long weekend.  We also just booked tickets to Florida in June, so more adventures are coming.

Friday, March 04, 2016

About that time

We have not been able to get in many hikes this winter, but with Spring right around the corner, we will try to get out more. Lauren was on a role, and was mad when we told her we had to head home. We just checked out a trail a few miles from the house. It is near Eldorado State park, and we had a great time enjoying the beautiful Colorado day.

Great view of the Flatirons

 Walking thru a canyon... a small one
Dad helping Lauren
Let's GO!!
Cooper and Lauren checking out the roots on this huge tree.
The kids did great.. I think we made it about 3 miles. So I think they are ready to try some bigger hikes this summer. The only problem is they always want to stop for a snack after about a quarter mile. We need to work on maybe giving them a backpack with there own snacks then can eat while they hike :). Otherwise it will take us about 3 hours to hike 3 miles.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Lauren's 5th Birthday

I know..... I have REALLY dropped the ball on this blog.  When I downloaded the pictures on the camera, I did find a few from the last few months... but not many. With the daily grind of school and all we just have not been doing that many exciting things:). But I can say with no doubt that Lauren's 5th birthday is very exciting. It is so hard to believe how fast it has all gone. She is just a joy in our life, and that needs to be celebrated!

Mom put the streamers up..... but Lauren got out of bed before I was aware. So this is her crawling back in....... so we can run threw!
Lauren on her 5th birthday with the BEST bed head :)

Lauren helped me make her a birthday cake. It was enjoyed by all
 Dad, Cooper (7), and Lauren ready to eat cake
 My joy ....... when they are not trying to make me crazy :) 

We headed over to jump city after school on Friday, with Sarah and the girls. We all jumped and had a lot of fun.

Reese(6) having a great time
 Cooper is all boy. If we can shoot it, chuck it, or destroy it, we want it!
 Reese and Lauren playing Dodge Ball
 Lauren getting some Skylar(3) love!
 kids playing with interactive screen.... 
 Cooper and Reese had a great time on the climbing wall. Lauren wanted to, but needs to work on her arms strength a little more.
 Then once we reach the top, we had to launch ourselves off the wall.
Lauren with her new Barbie house
We had a great weekend, and loved being able to celebrate this beautiful, smart, sweet, caring little girl.