Thursday, August 03, 2006

You call this a consolation prize?

So close. In my new office, I've got a receiver setup to play music and I have been listening to the radio in the mornings to avoid burning myself out on my Ipod playlist. Well this morning on the KBCO morning show they had a contest to win a trip to the Austin City Limits music festival in Austin. Basically they played a quick snippet of 5 songs all strung together and you had to be the first person to identify the artist of each song in order.

Well I don't ever get through, but I dialed the number anyway. Much to my shock, the line is ringing and before I can collect my thoughts about the potential answer Brett Saunders is answering the phone.

Uh oh.....

I know 4 of the 5 instantly, but the 5th is eluding me. I have no idea. I plead with Brett to play the clip one more time, but he says he really can't do that over the phone. So I say I know 4, and I'll take a shot.

I rattle off 4 of the 5, but miss the 5th. A song by Ben Harper (at least is was a song I didn't know) ultimately cost Jill & I flights to Austin, hotel and tickets to what looks to be an amazing series of concerts. I was sickened by the fact I was so close, and that I typically know all 5 of the songs but can't ever actually get through in time to answer the question.

So what about this consolation prize? Well later in the day, they were playing "10 at 10" where they feature 10 songs from a year gone by. Today happened to be 1987. As I sat at my desk coding away thinking about how I blew my shot to win a cool trip, they played a clip from Lethal Weapon, which I immediately recognized. About 10 minutes passes and the DJ annoucnes the first person to identify the movie the clip was from would win tickets to a concert featuring Los Lobos, Jackie Greene and Augustana at the Fox Theater tomorrow night.

I pick up the phone and dial, and strangely enough I get through immediately. That never happens. OK, that never happens unless I'm about to answer a question that I don't know the full answer too. Well the DJ asks me if I can identify the clip, which I surely can, so I pick up a pair of tickets. Not exactly a trip for two to Austin like I should have had, but how can you complain about winning?

So tomorrow I'll patiently await my next chance to win some cool prize or trip, and hopefully this time I won't choke when given the chance.

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