Tuesday, June 12, 2007

OK One more ride, then on your way...

After Justin woke up feeling ill on Saturday, Jill, Linda & I stayed close to home and just did some shopping. On Sunday, Justin woke up feeling somewhat better and decided he would be alright to try his hand at mountain biking one more time. So with all the bikes still loaded in my truck, we headed up to West Mag again but this time with much warmer temps and a whole lot more people.

One of those people was Josh. Whose is Josh you ask? An incredibly drunk/stoned fellow that locked his keys in his running car and then proceeded to befriend us as to help him and his normal seeming wife out of their predicament. Some of the highlights of our brief time with Josh:

1. He hopped on my 6" travel, turquoise Yeti and rode around. Then he grabbed my rigid 29er, pushed down on it exclaiming that it was "too squishy for him" (mind you he grabbed the rigid bike), then was shocked as he looked down and exclaimed "Wait! This thing had suspension, what happened?"

2. He informed us that not only where both sets of his keys inside, but also his two dogs. Then as his two dogs, who had been running loose all over, passed by and he still didn't notice his wife tells him "The dogs are right here".

3. He really wanted to solve the locked car problem by smashing a window out with a rock, which in hindsight maybe I should have let him as I'm absolutely sure it would have been an entertaining sight.

After leaving Josh to his own devices while he awaited the tow truck, we headed down the trail. It only took about a mile before Justin realized he just didn't have it in him today, regardless how much he wanted to ride. So we looped back, dropped Justin off at the truck and Linda, Jill and I continued to ride a bit more.

A steep, loose climb that I had trouble making on the singlespeed had Jill and Linda walking. I hit the apex of the climb, then turned around to help them up when Linda snapped this pic that we all laughed about for a good time.

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