Monday, May 24, 2010

Home away from home, feels a bit more like home this week

The never ending project in Calgary is soon about to end for me after 18 long months. I'd say its a bittersweet ending, but I'm pretty sure its just sweet. Before I roll off, we had to get Jill and Cooper up for a bit to hang out. It would be a crime if they didn't get up to the mountains here while I was around. We flew up to Calgary on Saturday, then on Sunday we headed over to the Calgary zoo.

I had pretty low expectations of the Calgary Zoo for no real reason, but it was impressive. The first thing we went to was the "Dinosaurs Alive" exhibit, where they had many life sized dinosaurs that would come to life, moving around and roaring out. We were a bit worried that Cooper would be scared of them, but he actually thought they were really neat. He kept saying "cool!", which is his new word.

Father and son with father and son.

Very life like, looking and sounding
From Calgary Zoo

Massive Brontosaurus clan
From Calgary Zoo

Cooper checking them out
From Calgary Zoo

Me and my boy
From Calgary Zoo

Even flying dinosaurs too
From Calgary Zoo

Walking around the zoo, checking out the non-animatronic animals
From Calgary Zoo

Probably a safe bet that it was indeed him
From Calgary Zoo

Then Jill tangled with some of the locals
From Calgary Zoo

We ended up spending over 3 hours walking around the zoo, which turned out to be really impressive. Dinosaur exhibit aside, they had a lot of really neat enclosures that let you be a lot closer to the animals than a lot of zoos. Now to find some plans on the internet for how to build my own animatronic dinosaur for the backyard.

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Jennifer B. said...

Looks like a neat zoo - I love dinosaurs!

Great news that the Calgary gig is wrapping up. Hope your next assignment makes for easier travel.

P.S. I'm starting to wonder if Jill ever ages...