Monday, January 31, 2011

Still waiting for baby girl...

Had another checkup today, we are on a weekly schedule now, to see about when are going to get our baby girl to show up. The good part about today's checkup is that we got to have an ultrasound, our first since we found out we were having a baby girl at week 20.

As always, its king of tough to see what is what but she is sitting sideways in the picture with the top of her head on the upper right, chin pointed towards the lower left side. Everything looks good on vitals, fluids, etc so its now just the waiting game. Jill thinks Jens is coming early, but things still look like they could be a bit away. Due date is still on track for Feb 17th, today they were estimating her at 6 3/4 pounds so far.

Cooper seems to have mixed emotions about getting a sister, some days he is excited and other days (like today) he told Jill "Baby sister can't come home with us". It will be a big change for him, but I'm sure in a couple years they'll be big buddies like he and Reese are now.

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