Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring = Awesome

I travel all over the country (and some times other countries) pretty much nonstop, and one thing remains the same....I'm always thrilled to be back in the thin air of Colorado. Currently platooned in Casper, WY for another couple months, I'm treated to a 240 mile drive in the vast openness that is Wyoming that gives me lots of time for deep retrospective thinking. It occurred to me the other day, while you could argue spending December through February in a more southernly location, like Tempe, AZ but that the other 9 months of the year you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else that has as great of a climate as the front range of CO.

While its quite possible we could be buried under a foot of snow any given day, this past 8 - 10 days in CO can best be described by me as heavenly. Temps in the high 60s and 70s, sun not setting till after 7pm and no snow / rain. We've been trying to get out while the getting is good, and it is really good right now.

Cooper and I hit up Valmont Bike Park while Jill and Lauren roamed around Boulder. We had a blast and wandered all over the park under the direction of a whimsical 3.5 year old. Here are a few poorly shot iPhone videos from our outing.

Here he drops in to the pump track. Check the dirt flying.

Here he heads straight up and over and elevated wooden structure without hesitation, other than making sure I had the camera out.

Then we climbed all the way to the top to hit a pretty steep trail. While it doesn't look so steep on this video, it probably looks like Everest to a 3.5 year old (or at least one that has a rational fear of things).

And to make sure Lauren got to do her favorite thing, Jill stripped her down and gave her a bowl of water to splash around in. She is constantly playing in the dog water, so we just waved the white flag. Pay close attention, there is a surprise cameo in this one...

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