Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oklahoma....where the wind comes sweeping

We have not all been back to Oklahoma for a football game in several years, so we decided to make a really quick trip back to Oklahoma. We all loaded up, and by all I mean Joel, Sarah, Cooper, Reese, Lauren, Skylar and myself. (Heaven help Southwest airlines). One short trip and a Rum and coke later we landed in OKC. We headed for a nice dinner at Charleston's and tried to get some sleep. Lauren had been having so much fun that she was not ready to bed. So General Jill had to step in and make sure we all got some needed sleep eye.  The next morning we headed over to Stillwater, after a quick stop at Hideaway Pizza. We watched a game that made us feel like the old days when we were in school. Not pretty, but we won. The kids had a good time I think, Cooper was able to play some ball under the stands and Lauren watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates on a Iphone, making sure to clap when needed for the Cowboys. It was good to see Stillwater again and think back at my time there... so, so long ago.
 On Sunday we were able to head out to the ranch and see all the cute babies. The kids really enjoyed this, which included feeding babies, and finding Tuxedo ( a very large baby) to feed. We also were able to provide our first driving lessons.

Cooper was quickly looking for other ways to make a mess

Lauren still loving the cows

And Daddy


Cows are cool
First Time driver

Taking her job seriously

Big Brother's turn

Just where she wants to be-- with Daddy
Just a few more mouths to feed

Now Cooper gets some chow

We had a great time, and are very thankful for Jack and Martha putting up with the craziness. We were able to celebrate Miss Skylar's first birthday before headed back home to the beautiful state of CO. Love the football and cows, but I think all of our heads were happy to hit the pillow on Sunday night.

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