Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Lauren's 5th Birthday

I know..... I have REALLY dropped the ball on this blog.  When I downloaded the pictures on the camera, I did find a few from the last few months... but not many. With the daily grind of school and all we just have not been doing that many exciting things:). But I can say with no doubt that Lauren's 5th birthday is very exciting. It is so hard to believe how fast it has all gone. She is just a joy in our life, and that needs to be celebrated!

Mom put the streamers up..... but Lauren got out of bed before I was aware. So this is her crawling back in....... so we can run threw!
Lauren on her 5th birthday with the BEST bed head :)

Lauren helped me make her a birthday cake. It was enjoyed by all
 Dad, Cooper (7), and Lauren ready to eat cake
 My joy ....... when they are not trying to make me crazy :) 

We headed over to jump city after school on Friday, with Sarah and the girls. We all jumped and had a lot of fun.

Reese(6) having a great time
 Cooper is all boy. If we can shoot it, chuck it, or destroy it, we want it!
 Reese and Lauren playing Dodge Ball
 Lauren getting some Skylar(3) love!
 kids playing with interactive screen.... 
 Cooper and Reese had a great time on the climbing wall. Lauren wanted to, but needs to work on her arms strength a little more.
 Then once we reach the top, we had to launch ourselves off the wall.
Lauren with her new Barbie house
We had a great weekend, and loved being able to celebrate this beautiful, smart, sweet, caring little girl.

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