Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I have been trying to get here for a while.......

     I have been trying to plan a family camping trip to Moab for about a year now, and it seems, bad weather or bad timing aways kept coming up. I was not to be detered this year, and EARLY Friday morning we headed out.  We knew that it was a popular place and finding a campsite would be difficult, and we were not wrong. I think our bad luck worked out great though, as after driving around to all the BLM campgrounds for over an hour, we came up empty. We had friends tell us about dispersed camping outside of town and we headed that way.  We ending up with a great site. Out by itself were the kids could roam, and be well kids (translation loud).  We were about 10 mins out of Moab, so not super convenient, but definitely workable.

                                                                     Nice Views.......
      After setting up the camp, with only a few minor technical issues. We headed out to the trails.  We decided to try a 3 mile hike to a Arch called Corona Arch.  It was a really great trail and the kids had a great time. It was mostly slick rock, so very different from hiking at home. Lots of cairns to follow.

Cool ladder going up a tricky spot
 Kids thought the stacked rock Cairns are cool
 The Corona Arch
 Lauren gets a hug in
 Family photo in the shade of the Arch
Lauren and Dad taking a break under the shade of the Arch

  It was a great hike. After grabbing dinner in Moab, we headed back to the campsite for night. We built a fire and had a nice evening.  Cooper and Lauren loved the fire :).

We Love fire
          The next morning we headed over to Arches National Park.  It was a free weekend, so the crowds were big, but manageable.  First thing was Balance rock. Then on to Delicate Arch. It was about a three mile hike that we made a little more challenging, by following a group up the wrong way.  After some scrambling, we made it to the correct side and were able to check out the Arch. 
                                          We are doing well on fam photos this trip :)
                                                        The Panorama View

       We wanted to check out some of the other sites that Arches has to offer.......

                                                     North and South Window
  Kids Scrambling up in the Double Arch
Nice pic of Double Arch

        We had a great morning in Arches. After we had a burgers in Moab, we went over to Canyonlands for a quick visit.   For now, I gotta run, so I will talk about that soon!

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