Wednesday, June 07, 2017

We now have a 1st and 3rd Graders!

      Another year in the book, and we all survived. The kids both had a great year with lots of new and exciting adventures, plus they learned a ton.  Cooper had the science Bamboozler, and Shel Silverstein Poetry night, and Lauren was able to go to the Pumpkin Patch and Butterfly Pavilion. We are already looking ready towards the next fall.  We are the pics compared to last fall.

First day!

Last Day - Just a few changes


  Cooper was able to get perfect attendance this year. His wonderful teacher texted me a video of him on the morning announcements.
  Both kids also had end of year party.

Lauren at  Beach day - the last day we had a cast, so we did not worry to much about getting it wet:)

Lauren making ice cream - Cream, sugar and Vanilla in a small bag, in a larger bag with rock salt and ice - then shake - the kids loved it

   Cooper's class walked down to the local park for lunch. 
Mrs Lehman's 2nd Grade class -2016/17

        We were really blessed to have great teachers this year(Thank you Mrs Lehman and Mrs Johnson), and know we will have another great year at Superior Elementary next year.

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