Thursday, July 06, 2017

Arriving in Hogsmeade

We have been reading the Harry Potter series for the last year with Cooper. So when we decided to go to LA for vacation, we knew we had to go see the new Harry Potter's world at Universal Studios. 
Cooper, Jill and Lauren heading into the Park

Of course we headed right to the Harry Potter ride. It was really fun, and a little more intense then Lauren wanted. The ride stopped for about a minute when we rode it the first time, so they let us ride it again without waiting in line. Lauren declined, so Cooper and I rode again. They also had a small roller coaster, that Lauren did love and rode about 10 times. Cooper had gone to cast spells with his new wand, and we could hear Lauren screaming with joy from the coaster, just walking past it. We also checked out a few of the other rides.

Saying Hello to the Minions

 After checking out several of the other rides, like Minions, The Simpsons, and Jurassic Park Log rider (which was awesome), we headed back to Hogsmeade(the name of the town in the Harry Potter books). Cooper had decided even before we left home for our trip that he wanted to get a wand for his souvenir. So we grabbed some lunch at The Three Broomsticks and then over to Olivander's.

Hogwarts Express and conductor

Cooper with his Butterbeer
Proud owner of a new custom wand
  Now to casting the spells. They had about 12 different spots within the Hogsmeade that you could use your interactive wand. They had brass circles in the ground that would show you what to do with your wand to make something happen. For example, you would have to draw an R like shape in the air and a tape measure would go do and back up,  or a flower would bloom at the flower shop. It was really fun for the kids and we spent about 1 1/2 just walking around and doing them. 
Taking this very seriously :)

  While in California, we also spent one day at the beach. It was cool enough that we had the beach to ourselves. 
Joel with the kids
Lauren was happy to be buried in the sand just to warm up a little
    We had a great time in California, and I hope the kids enjoyed it. We were all really tired after 5 days of constant motion, but were happy to have the life experiences. Now to plan the next trip :).

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