Thursday, September 14, 2006

Vagabonds on our doorstep

Jill & I pulled up in the driveway from work yesterday to find two rough and tumble mountain men who had taken up residence on our front porch. Jill's Dad & Brother, Jim & Justin, rambled through Colorado briefly after a month plus of living out of a tent all across the Alaska, Canada and the NW United States.

We got to hear some of their stories, including being on a hunting trip 100 miles north of the Artic Circle and getting snowed in, from their summer of adventure. The two are currently traveling from Alaska to Oklahoma before Justin heads off to his new home in Kentucky after a couple years in Fairbanks, Alaska.

After seeing these two journeymen, I think its clear that if you want to lose weight that you should just spend a summer with these two. Jim & Justin are both big kids, but they were as svelte as I've ever seen them. Of course, they did do an honorable job of devouring a substantial amount of food at the Walnut last night in Boulder.

Although it was a very brief stay, it was certainly good to see them and catch up some. Now why the heck didn't I think to take a couple pictures....

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