Saturday, December 20, 2008

Children, Predators and Community Action

Having lived 32 years without a child, I've been lulled to sleep on the dangers that our children face in the community. It seems that at every gas station, supermarket, school, etc dangers lurk around every corner. We all try to create a safe environment at home and try to find trustworthy people to help care for our kids when the inevitable time comes when we must be separated from them. Unfortunately, many times we cannot even trust these caretakers. This lesson hit all too close to home as my cousin Brandon and his wife learned recently.

It all began innocently enough with Brandon and Amy wanting to enjoy the recent bedlam football game between Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. They left Ty and Bodie with family members, a seemingly safe haven. The kids were welcomed and treated well to start as seen in this picture taken slightly before kickoff of the game.

What they found when they got home will make many good parents lose sleep and they will surely be dealing with emotional trauma of this event for years.

WARNING - The following picture is graphic in nature and not suitable for young children, people with good sense and fans of a school they actually attended. I cannot be held accountable for any damage to retinas, rods or cones.

View at your own risk.


These are children and should not be subjected to such things. While poor Bodie had no chance, one has to question what type of torturous acts Ty was subjected to before finally conforming, although the perpetrator has often boasted about her "water boarding" techniques in pest control. I shudder to think what might have happened.

Please, if you see the following person, known only by the alias "Anna Banana", please call T. Boone Pickens immediately...

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