Wednesday, June 03, 2009

More from Memorial Day

We made a trip up to Tulsa/BVille. Got to see Jim, Judy, Uncle Jerry and then Grandma Vi. Bonus lunch with BK, Amy, Ty and Bo in BVille as well...

From Memorial Day in OK

Sharing some wisdom
From Memorial Day in OK

Grandma Vi still rocks on the organ
From Memorial Day in OK

From Memorial Day in OK

From Memorial Day in OK

We did a food tour of Tulsa, hung out with the Lovejoy clan, got a bike ride in with Jason Brandt (who rocked a 3rd place finish in the Tulsa Tough crits) and relaxed for a couple days. After our stop in T Town, we headed back down to OKC to finish out the week. Sarah and Jill both got some good pics from the rest of the weekend:

Ster and Coop

Yack and Coop doing some walking

Our family

Uncle Tony and Coop

Riley and Coop playing

After that we headed back to Denver, driving through one heck of a nasty storm in the process. After that it was back to business as usual in CO and then Calgary for me. Really great to get to see the families and friends, unfortunately we missed the Doerrs, Jennifer Brandt and Bradley's much better half Erica. Next time....

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