Monday, January 04, 2010

Case of the Mondays

After being at home for over two weeks, I knew today would be rough on myself, Jill and probably Cooper too. Such is the life of a traveling consultant, I guess but today was definitely one of those days.

Even though Cooper tends to wake up at or before 7am every day, but the 7am alarm today seemed harsh. Cooper and I hung out in the back seat as Jill drove us to the airport to send me on my way. Didn't take long to figure out it definitely was a Monday. The flight was delayed 3 or 4 times before we ever boarded, then again once we were all boarded. Instead of getting into Calgary at noon, I got in at 2:30. By the time I cleared customs, which was an absolute zoo today, and picked up my rental car (a styling Dodge Caravan minivan) it was nearly 3. I made the decision to just get some lunch and work from the apartment since the Calgary staff seems to work the 9 - 4 schedule anyway.

So the good that came out of all the delays and United, well being United, is that I only have to make it through 3 days in the office and then its back home to Colorado for three more days. In the meantime, time in Calgary is to be used wisely, which means the diet is in full effect and I'm going to be on the trainer as much as my rear can stand. So I'm now hoping to build on what fitness I had last year and shed some holiday pounds as I have a bit of a weakness for peppermint bark.

Tonight I mustered out an hour of trainer time while watching Boise St. and TCU play. Charts and graphs make a comeback.

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Jason said...

Jennifer bought me some Peppermint Bark from William Sonoma and it is the best. I gained 5 pounds during the holidays thanks to being snowed/iced in and having lots of junk food at my disposal.

You really should warm up for at least 10 minutes before you up your pace. If for no other reason it seems like the fluid trainer warms up at the 5 minute mark which really increases the resistance.