Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I've played in the same fantasy football league since 1998, and this weekend I captured my second fantasy football championship. While this league is not a big money league, its always been hotly contested for the cherished bragging rights. This year I took a slightly different approach, drafting a lot of players I felt would be consistent good scorers but weren't flashy big names that would cost me a bundle in our auction format.

After a 0 - 2 start, I went on a roll winning 7 games and positioning myself into the top four for the playoffs. I had a lot of luck en route to winning, with the final bit being a late TD in the last game of the regular season to clinch my victory.

In years past I've been eaten up with score watching and rooting against players. This year I hardly watched any games other than the Broncos, and never checked scores until at least the Sunday night game if at all. I had a lot of fun and didn't take it very seriously this year, as its really about an excuse to talk with long lost pals scattered across the globe.

Yeah its a silly game, hence the name "fantasy football" but its been a fun year capped off with a championship.

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Sara said...

Fantasy football steals Trait every year! lol