Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Lauren hits two months

Hard to believe its already been two months, but the whirlwind tour stopped long enough to take her to her two month appointment. Unfortunately with the two month checkup and the good news that comes with finding out your baby is growing and developing, 3 shots come with it. Good for us that our daughter is apparently a super hero...She got 3 shots, looked a bit fussy for a bit then cried for about 5 seconds before just going back to hanging out.

Just like Cooper, she measured long and lean but unlike Cooper she has a tiny head. So one kid with Dad's huge melon and one with Mom's petite head, lets hope we are 50% on the skin coloring too as it doesn't look like Cooper got his Mom's olive skin.

Couple quick pics of Lauren...

From Lauren at 6 weeks

From Lauren at 6 weeks

From Lauren at 6 weeks

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Tressa said...

She's BEAUTIFUL Bubba!!!!