Saturday, May 14, 2011


Life of the traveling consultent means lots of days away from home, but I've been able to arrange a week at home after 2 - 3 weeks of being out on the road. While its great to be home, it can create some challenges on accomplishing things. I typically have to isolate myself up in Jill & I's bedroom with the door shut to get anything done. Admittedly I am a bit weak when it comes to telling Cooper that I can't shoot baskets with him because I have to work, but he presents some pretty compelling arguments at times.

A couple weeks ago on one of my remote weeks, I had been working up stairs when Jill gave Cooper the OK to come upstairs and get me for lunch with the whole family. After eating lunch, I was hanging out with the family for a bit when Cooper went quiet. Always a sign of trouble when you don't hear the kid...

Look in the Cooper.
Look in the living Cooper.

Upstairs I go.

Not in his room, not at the computer. Walked down the hall towards our bedroom and open the door to see Cooper in our bed, all tucked in and watching Spongebob Squarepants. I hold back a smile and ask him "What are you doing up here?"

He looks at me in a matter of fact manner and says "I'm working!"

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