Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quick Trip to Casper

Winter is coming to Wyoming quickly, wait I think its already here as of today, so a couple weeks back we made an impromptu decision to all load up and go to Casper for work for me and some exploration for the family. I tried to temper expectations as Casper doesn't have tons of activities, but it was a chance for everyone to get out of the house and see another one of my work stops.

Some sights from the adventures around town...
A brief stop at the "mall"

Casper did have some really cool playgrounds that Cooper was excited to check out

Cooper showing off his gymnastics skills

Lauren was enthralled with the wood chips

Cooper checking out the falls. Evidently this is raging in the Spring, but late in the year it was but a trickle

An attempt at a family picture (minus poor Joel who was busy working)

Checking out some trails

Lots of history of the early Western settlers happened in these parts. Its pretty mind blowing to think about the struggles and the enormous task of getting West in the early days. I guess I can't complain about my 3 hour drive each week. Jill took the kiddos to a museum with lots of history and exhibits about the Oregon Trail.

Cooper checking out a wagon
From October 16, 2011

Playing with an exhibit

A first class wagon

Cooper does photo duty to get a picture of Jill

No battling crowds on a Wednesday afternoon in Casper

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