Sunday, February 10, 2013

Catching up from a long winter's nap

Well, it has been a while since we have made a post, and now Jill is going to try and help in the cause.... so please lower you expectations. I will not be able to compete with Joel's witty comments and insights, but I will at least be able to the pictures out there for the grandmas.

We will start with our trip to Arkansas.... which was last November. Well we landed on a Friday night, and Lauren proceeded to puke in the Odyssey. This was the beginning of the end for the White's in Arkansas. For the rest of the weekend, we all fell victim to the stomach bug... which made it hard to get too much fun in, but we did have a few hours of fun.

Cooper was able to try his hand at fishing and he was a natural

From Arkansas Visit Thanksgiving 2012

Great at Casting
From Arkansas Visit Thanksgiving 2012

Grandpa giving instruction - which we will say was mostly ignored by a little boy
From Arkansas Visit Thanksgiving 2012

We can say that it was not without a little drama. After warning Cooper to stay away from the edge while fishing off the back wall at the house. He did decide to ignore us and take a little swim. Since the water level was so low thankfully he was only standing in about a foot of water, but we could all hear the screaming from the deck as Grandpa fished out a Cooper. All we heard was "help me" in a very high pitch and a little panicked voice.

Both trying there hand at casting - (Disclaimer - This was not the deck he fell from :) )
From Arkansas Visit Thanksgiving 2012

Bubbles on the deck
From Arkansas Visit Thanksgiving 2012

Lauren was the one to recover the fastest, but Grammie did get her chance to cuddle before she was back on feet. She had a great time with the bubbles and riding the tricycle in the new basement.

Lauren trying her hand with the bubble wand
From Arkansas Visit Thanksgiving 2012

Well, despite the illness(and we were nice enough to leave enough germs to leave Grammie sick for a week), we had a good time in the nice fall weather, and we (at lease the kids and I) will be headed back to the Natural State in April, to spend time with the Grandparents and rest of the Alaska family.

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