Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our Baby is no longer a baby

My, how time flies when you are parents. Our Little baby girl turned two on Monday, and we had a shindig for her this weekend with some of the extended family. We had take out pizza and cake. I will hopefully get a birthday video up soon, but here are some of the snapshots from the day.
                                                                     First we sing

                                                                 Then we blow out the candles    

Finally we clap and Cheer

 And then we eat cake....

And more cake.....

Still really good

With Frumpy being such a great shopper of clothes for the little ones, may times the girls will have the same outfits. It just happened that all the girls had on the same outfit for the party. All of them were adorable :)

We also had the doctors check up for the girl on Friday, and are very grateful to say she is doing well. She has gained some weight and is now in the 40%  (25 lbs), and she is 33 inches tall (70%). She is still working on her verbal skills, but we are hoping to have a speech therapist to help us soon.

Lauren with Dad

Now Mom, Lauren & Dad

Dad with the kids

Here are few more pictures of the birthday girl that I think we are pretty cute.

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