Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yet Another - But Much less Crowded Children's Musuem

When you are on vacation and you are needing something to do because of the rain, a children's Museum is the thing that you want at your disposal. It is common knowledge that I am not a fan of Children's Museum, due to the crowded nature and the overall rudeness of little kids.... but I must say that the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock is the exception. We took Cooper, Katherine and Lauren and everyone had a great time. They had a ton of hands on activities that were enjoyed by the young and old (if you can consider 4 yrs to be old :)) They had exhibits ranging from silly ( they had the traveling show Grossology) to atmospheric. I am very glad that we made the trip and would do it again.

Auntie Kim showing us tectonic movements

taking our turns dropping balls onto a plate
The most fun of the day was a tube system that would spit out handkerchiefs 
Looking up
Watching the handkerchiefs fall from the ground is much easier
Mom trying to make sure everyone is having fun
Sooooo much fun
Had to stop at the climbing wall. - Kate was a natural(love that smile)
Cooper really likes this balence game 
Finding out how long our intestine is  - is a group effort

I would recommend this museum to anyone with time in Little rock. It was interesting, educational and fun.
A great place to spend on a rainy day

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