Sunday, May 19, 2013

Playgrounds and Parachutes

We have had a wet and colder spring, which has made hard to get out and play too much.  Now it seems we have hit summer.  The temps have been the the 70's the last week and we made a bee line for the park.

Lauren climbing up the stairs
 We have started potty training little one, so this has made things harder for Cooper (since Mommy is always  trying to encourage Lauren to sit on the potty). Let's just say it is not going well and we are glad this is our last one :). So to encourage Cooper to be patient with us Dad had a surprise for him if he was good, a parachute toy.  Well he was able to earn it this week and they have been constant companions ever since.

Coop's gleeful face as he throws a parachute into the air

Can not forget about digging in the sand

Lauren has become a little daredevil on the slide - liking to swing a few times before going down
And away we go
More sliding fun
Ready for a great summer

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