Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lego's and Races

The local Longmont Museum has a current Lego Exhibit that will go on into the fall. Cooper has never been really unto legos, but he does like to go and do, so I decided since we had to run up to Longmont for Lauren Speech therapy, that we would go to the museum.  Well I must say the creations were extremely impressive. From full size bikes, to waterfalls, and cityscapes.
Cooper and I both liked the dinosaur scene

The bike - it was life size
Cooper looking at the world
After seeing all the exciting creations that people are able to create, we walked into a big room with about 30 bins of Lego's, large tables with Lego plates. Places to build bridges, towns, even doll houses where you can build furniture. But both kids were very interested in the car racing ramp.
I think Cooper must have placed a car at the starting point about 80 times in the time we were at the museum. We were racing cars we made, premade Lego cars, and even loose tires. But it was so much fun!
Lauren was branching out with her car, trying out the bridges .
It was so much fun, that we have gone back once with me and once with Joel. I am guessing we will try to go at least one more time before the exhibit moves on. I would highly recommend it for anyone with little ones.

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