Monday, July 08, 2013

Hike and A day at a Farm

A few weeks ago we were looking for something to do and where can you go wrong with a hike. Not being able to go on the long hikes with the little legs we decided to head to a close by Pella Lake for a short walk around the lake
Ready to go

We were able to check out the local wildlife with spotting several fish, a large snapping turtle, and lots of bugs. The lake had a light covering of algae, which was very fascinating to Cooper. I think he just liked say Algae :).

About half way Lauren needed a lift - Mom was apparently happier about it then Lauren was.

 Cooper ready to go, go, go....

After the hike, Joel had heard about an event at the Boulder County Agricultural Center. They were having an exhibit about the local farming, etc.  Always up for a farm trip we headed over.

                                                     Checking out a tractor

Not to be left out

Petting the goat - they were really soft

It was a really nice place. Cooper was able to try out his roping skills, we watched a Border collie round up her herd, and a really cool owl was there. They also had the original farmhouse you could tour from the late 1800, along with a barn that had been converted into a small museum. They taught us about old farming tools, irrigation techniques and had a small play market for the kids to shop.
We had a really good day and are blessed to live in such a great place.
Now we have to move, which Joel and I might not survive......

One more tractor :)

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