Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trip to the zoo with some of our friends from Tulsa Time

Our friends Blake and Charla, whom we have known since graduating college( and no we will not admit to how many years that has been) told us they were headed out to the great state of CO. So we knew we had to make sure and see them and their three beautiful girls. Well when you are meeting up with friends and 5 kids are involved, ages 8 to 2, you know we will need something to keep the kids occupied, so the Cheyenne Mountain zoo became our  destination for the day. Joel, the kids and I headed down south to Colorado Springs to enjoy a great day with our dear friends (because I would never say our old friends :) ).
If you have never been, it is a really great zoo, hanging onto the side of the foothills. So be prepared for stairs and hills. The big attraction are the giraffe's. You are able to feed them, which is amazing, as long as you ignore the times the big guys lick you.

Vivian, Lauren, Penny and Charla feeding
Check out that tongue
Cooper trying to get a closer look
Lauren felt more comfortable putting the lettuce on the rail for the giraffe to eat
It was really cool and the kids thought it was amazing. We then trekked the rest of the zoo and tried to see the animals. I think we were late enough in the day that most had bedded down for there afternoon naps, but it was a nice place to explore.
Cayton all smiles , and Vivian showing us her excited face :)
All the kiddos, except Penny, we are not sure where she ran off too....
After we finished exploring the zoo, we headed to Manitou Springs for some lunch. Joel and I had never been so we were excited to see more of the state. Sadly with the large wildfires last summer and the continuous rain this year, Manitou Springs had been hit hard with mud slides. It was really sad to see such an old and cool town with mud everywhere. Thankfully a few placed were spared and we were able to get a bite. After lunch we went to the Garden of the gods. Cooper had really enjoyed his time with Cayton and was very glad to hike about with her.

Even though I think there are many other places in the state that should be called the Garden of the gods, it is a pretty place, and we had a really great day with our friends. So glad they made the trip and hope to see them again soon.

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