Monday, August 05, 2013

5 years old... When did that Happen

Cooper Clay White is now 5 years old. How in the heck did that happen.
Remembering the little baby...
Well, we needed to celebrate these milestones, so it started with small present the night before his big day. A pair of pirate pj's and a few new books. I think Lauren was as excited as Cooper.
Birthday Boy
Lauren Supervising
I had started to put streamers on Cooper's door last year, and he requested that we did this again. So this may become a tradition. So after Cooper was asleep, I added streamers to his bed and doorway.

If you look hard you can see his pirate pj's

The doorway - Last year Coop crawled underneath, so I made sure the streamers went to the ground

Sadly (as it will become a theme for this bday) I was in the shower when Cooper woke up and ran thru the streamers. So no video of that, but he told me it was fun :).

 With Reese's birthday a few days after Cooper, we were in for a fun filled birthday weekend extravaganza. So we started the Saturday morning at Monkey Business and worked up a sweat going up and down slides. All had a great time, with both Mom and Dad getting rug burns on the big slide. After pizza and a great Curious George cake, we headed home to gather supplies for our next round. Of course continuing the theme of so close, yet so far... I forgot to grab candles, and the video camera.  Joel ran to the local store to get candles, and the kids and I headed off to the putt -putt.  With the summer we have been having we knew we were on borrowed time to get a round of golf in before the rain. Thankfully the rain held off and all the kids were able to get a round of golf in before heading to the arcade. After a few games, we headed to the party room. I was able to use my small camera to get a few shots of the party. Once inside the rain really started coming down, so thankfully we had a nice room to hang out in.

Kids eating the pizza
Birthday Boy getting so big!
Reesie and Lauren ready to party
Mom's bright idea to add kazoo to the gift bags went over well with the kids - parents were ready to loose them

More kazoos
We tried to record the kids singing Happy Birthday at the party with my small camera, but something happened to our Sim card.... so no party singing. I did record singing to him at his birthday breakfast... so sadly you have to hear just me singing.   Here is a short video for the birthday boy.

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