Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Happy Halloween!

In the past we have had great weather, and have been able to get some good pics of the kids in there costumes. ( I was just commenting that Joel still has up Cooper 2 yr photo on facebook.) So, becuase we live in Colorado we were due a cold Halloween, and sadly it was not just cold, but really windy. So We were only out Trick or Treating for about 15/20 mins. Joel and Cooper did go back out after Lauren and I decided we could hand out candy in the warm house. Lauren also found it it was just as fun to put candy in her bucket from Mom's candy bowl.
Here are a few pics. again sadly we did not get any great ones...but there are still good to have.


As you can see the wind was blowing us away, but it was still Halloween, so we all had fun.

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