Monday, November 04, 2013

Still a good time for a Pumpkin Patch

As I said last post, we really like the pumpkin patches. We found Anderson farm last year with the Turners, and were excited to go back this year. They have lots to do, and we again we had a beautiful day to enjoy all the offerings. The big trick is to show up early. So we hit the doors when they opened. Cooper of course had to go on the peddle cars. He must of gone about 50 laps. The most entertaining part, was if he had no one to race he would slow down until someone caught up with him.
                                                                      Go, Go, Go.......

Lauren on the other hand was content to have Dad push her around the course. Which is not easy.

                                               Mom and Lauren racing around...
                                                                 Go faster, Daddy!

After the cars, we headed over the pumpkin chunckin.... which is really cool. They have sling shots where you can launch smaller squash at some targets. Both the kids enjoyed it, but you really had to pay attention or one of the kids would be hitting each other , accidentally of course.

                                                           Cooper is ready to take aim
One, two, three..... go
Waiting for some big pumpkin smashing

After the chunkin, we tried the corn maze. Cooper was more interested in it, then the rest of us, but Lauren was riding in a wagon, and we made it through the first 12 check points. We had a great time, and are thankful to live in such a beautiful place.

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