Saturday, February 08, 2014

Family Photos

Sarah was able to schedule some family photo time at Christmas for Jack and Martha's present. It was so nice of her and I think we were able to get some nice pics. Thank you Katherine Forbes for all her hard work, and we are glad that the wind was able to hold off until we were done. I will let the photos speak for themselves.

All the grandkids - Skylar was not to sure she wanted to enjoy the fun

Cooper sure seems to think it was fun

Our little Family

 Cooper (5) and Lauren (2)

Sarah and her Beautiful girls - Reese (4) and Skylar (1)

All the kids and Grandkids

Jack and Martha

Reese and Cooper 


Jack and Martha with their babies

A few of the whole gang

We are grateful that Sarah was able to pull this together, because otherwise we would have no photos. It is just too hard with little ones. Dispite the snow on the ground we had good weather and a beautiful day. I think we all cleaned up pretty well! 

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