Tuesday, April 01, 2014

We Love Birthdays!!!!

First of all, we have not had a post about the littlest one bday!! I think I may be trying to block it out, because I can not believe that Lauren is 3....... wow it happened so quickly!

She is doing well, coming in at 38 inches (70%) and 30 lbs (40%). She is still struggling with her speech, but has made some strides in the last few months. I pray that she will continue to progress and this will not be a life long challenge for her. I do know that whatever this girl faces, she will face it head on. She is one tough chick and very, very, very independent. She does not want anyone  to help her. She started going to Sunflower farms in the beginning of March and really seems to love it.

Now for the spring time birthday's. We have several friends that have little one birthday's in the spring. So it keeps us busy going out for pizza and birthday cake. (Which is really never a bad thing).

Here is Princess Lauren and her Friend Anna's birthday... I think Lauren may need a few more bracelets

Next was our friends Shannon and Jamie's little one Trenton's 3rd. Monkey business is always tons of fun.

Cousin Reese ready to swing into action
Super Hero Lauren

 Here I come to save the Day!!!!! (or maybe maybe make some trouble ....)

We also had Jackson Turner's birthday... but the kiddos were too fast that day and mom did not get any photo's. Hurray for spring and birthday's. Now bring on the summer ;)

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