Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Birthday Extravaganza's

Cooper is 6..... and I can not believe it. I was thinking than having a party at the park, would be easy. In case you are interested in, it is not. Instead of just showing up at a place and party... you have to bring everything. But the things we do for our little ones.  Well I think everyone had fun, so it was all worth it, but I see Monkey Business in my future for Lauren's 4th.
We showed up about a half an hour before everyone else showed up and we were blessed with great weather, about 80 degrees. Joel put up our slack line, and I getting out the sandwich and other snacks ready. We also brought up our peddle car and scooter in case the little ones wanted a spin. 
                                                   Skylar going down the slide

Dad pushing Lauren in the swing
Reese, Jaxon, and Lauren on top of one of the climbing rocks

After playing and we headed down for some sandwiches, and of course birthday cake. It was a great party and I am glad we had good weather and great friends to help us celebrate.  We had 11 kids between 1 1/2 and 6 years, and no real tears, or any blood. So success!
Birthday Boy looking for trouble :)
Little girl just like her Momma.... we love our cake!!!
The next day we get to celebrate Reese's 5th birthday. Sarah held it at her community pool and we all had a great time. The big surprise was a visit from Anna and Elsa.  Cooper was not as impressed, but let me tell you how excited those little girls were.
We need pretty dresses to spend time with the Princesses of Arendelle
Reese, The Birthday Girl
  We were able to get our face paint to match our swim suit
 Listening to a story
 Again, Cooper not too excited, when we asked if he wanted to listen to a story, he said "No Thank you"
Jaxon and Lauren playing "Who has the Crown" with the Princesses
 Cooper told Dad that if he never saw another Princess it would be too soon! I am guessing at some point in the future his feelings toward girls might change, but for now I will enjoy his disinterest in them.
Still avoiding all the girly girls on the playground

More Proof Lauren is a champ of birthday cake eating (Sadly I did not get a photo from Reese's party, because she had chocolate cake all over her face)

Hope Cooper and Reese had a great birthday!!! 

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