Monday, August 25, 2014

Final Road Trip before school

After our successful camping in Wyoming we had earlier this summer,  I decided I we needed to get one more trip in before school started. Joel was not so sure this was needed :). Sadly Lauren came down with a cold a few days before we were planning on heading out.  After going back and forth we finally decided to get busy livin! So, Thursday night we head to Wyoming to camp, before heading on the South Dakota.  We arrived at the campground just before dark, so the kids were able to run around with head lamps for a few minutes before we headed to bed.
 The next morning we woke up and hit the road, wanting to get to Custer State Park before all the camp sites were taken for the weekend. Due to a more the complex camping situation than I was used to, we missed out on a campsite. After a few phones calls, we were back on track, finding a campground near Mount Rushmore. At least we had a pretty drive thru the park.
                                                  One of the many tunnels you drive thru

After getting our tent set up for the weekend we headed to an animal park that several people had recommended. It was called Bear County and it was named well. It was a drive thru park, and they had wolves, reindeer, mountain lions, and a lot of bears. Joel and I were guessing about 50. It was fun and the kids enjoyed it.
Cute Tree with a bear cute into it
 Mountain Goat
 One of the many bear
 This was a big guy
 The bear cubs were so cute to watch!
 Kids liked being out of there car seats the most :)

 At this point of the trip, Cooper wanted to take some pics. So I gave him my camera and he promptly dropped it. So Sadly I have no more pictures  from this point on. We have a few from Joel's phone. The next morning we headed over to the Wind Cave and Jewel cave, for a few tours. Both were great and we had a good time.  Of course we had to see Mount Rushmore (cooper is very happy to be there.....)

By this point I am coming down with Lauren's cold, so we take it easy for most of the day. Early the next morning we make it a priority to get the Mammoth Site Museum, were there have an active archeological site. Cooper really liked it, so it was well worth the trip.
Replica of what a Ice Age dwelling might have looked like
 Cooper (6) and Lauren (3) at dig site
 Cooper holding a replica of a Columbia Mammoth Upper Leg bone, shows just how huge these creatures were

We made it home Sunday with time for me to crawl in bed and not move for a while, but we had a good time and I am defiantly glad we decided to go.

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