Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sunflower Farms

Cooper started going to the farm when he was 4. He loved it, and Lauren was always a little mad that she did not get to stay too. So last Spring when Lauren was old enough (you have to be 3) we enrolled them both in what they call the Sprout House. One day a week, they get to be farm kids, and climb, crawl, pet and make messes. Who would not love that. Well, thankfully there great teachers took pics and sent us emails to let us know what they little ones were up too. I thought I would throw some up for the Spring and summer days. I know they kids had a great time and can not wait to go back again next summer. ( I might try and see if I can get Lauren in for the spring, but I might be too much with school.... but I hope not).

                    The farm is located near Longmont, CO with beautiful views (Coop in the hat)
 Not sure what they boys are doing, but they look Happy!
 Gotta have water guns for summertime fun (again Cooper in the hat :) )
 See how dizzy we can get
 His teacher told me they were helping with irrigation...not sure, but it looks like we can get messy, so go for it
 More Mud!!!
 Climbing  on a slack line(notice the socks, that at one point were white )
 Nice Huge sandpit
 Get to go on horsie rides, but Cooper did not really enjoy it, he said it was too short, and I am guessing he was not able to just do where ever he want 
 Lauren's class in one of the barns
 Helping Farmer John with some feed (no wonder I am still find corn kernels around my house)
 Nice Hammock rest
 Lauren with a very hairy bunny

Lauren LOVES Sandboxes
 Gotta climb on anything the bigger kids are on
Getting a great push on the tire swing

 Found a great friend to help us when we slowed down
 Everyone loves climbing on hay bales  - again several socks had to go into the trash because so much hay was embedded in them
 Cooper's class in one of the many tree houses

The kids loved going to Sunflower farms, and it was the first time in about 5 years that I did not have a kids with me for a few hours a week, so a win for all. We all look forward to more adventures at the farm next summer. The Sprout House program is amazing and I recommend it to anyone.

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