Friday, September 05, 2014

A Hiking we will go...

I love to hike, and Joel goes because he love me :). So in talking to the kids we decided to give ourselves a challenge.  We were going to try and hike 40 miles this summer between Memorial and Labor day. Sadly we fell a bit short, but we are going to try and get to our goal by the end of the month.
 Here are a few pics from our last, and Cooper longest hike to Lost Lake, near Nederland.( A little over 5 miles)

Taking a break about a mile in
     Really pretty waterfall we walked past
 Rock Climbing Coop
 What a beautiful place
 Water fall
 We found the Lost Lake

A little note on school. We started Cooper's kindergarten last week and Lauren's preschool this week. It to make sure I am never bored, I have Lauren in the AM and Cooper in the afternoon. I am hoping at some point we can get Cooper in the morning, but at this point I not holding my breath. Both kids seem to really be enjoying it and I am trying to make sure to keep all the times straight in my head. Wish me luck!
Cooper's First Day
 Lauren's First day

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